Geki is one of the ten unplayable characters from the original Street Fighter. He is one of two fighters Ryu faces in Japan.

Like most opponents from the original Street Fighter; very little is known about Geki. He seems to be a non-descript ninja assassin who entered the first Street Fighter tournament. Like so many opponents in the tournament, he was defeated by Ryu. This despite the fact that he used weapons like a ninja claw and ninja throwing stars. He also used a smoke screen technique to make himself harder to hit.

Geki did not return in future installments; but his legacy has produced far more successful characters in his wake. Most notably was in Street Fighter II with the introduction of Vega; who wields a claw and uses acrobatic ninjitsu like Geki. Some speculate Geki trained (or perhaps inspired) Vega with such techniques.

There was also the introduction of Ibuki who seems to have endured more than Geki as the more traditional ninja fighting type in future Street Fighter games. Some have speculated that Geki may or may not be related to Ibuki or is from the same ninja clan as her. But Capcom has not officially confirmed this. 

by Christopher Jones

by Shinragod

Street fighter is my favorite video game series. The artists at capcom are among my favorites of all time and very influential in my art style. I remember one time I was playing Xmen vs Street Fighter at my local arcade when it first came out, there was a crowd around the machine and the line to play was very long. When it was my turn I picked the team of Ryu and Akuma, nobody there knew akuma was even in the game. I racked up a 25+ win streak.

And when I did Akuma’s Shun goku satsu, it was the first time anyone at the arcade ever saw that move and the crowd exploded with cheers and applause!!

by Christopher Jones


My experience with Street Fighter was that of a late bloomer. I first discovered it in the lobby of the movie theater I ushered; my first job. There we had a Street Fighter II Championship Edition arcade cabinet. I played it during my break time and was hooked! Hooked to the addictive gameplay, colorful characters and lively music.

So over the years I collected more games in the series and became enthralled with the outlandish designs and moves. The exaggerated proportions of the charactets also had me grow as an artist.

Street Fighter still remains influential to me this day! No matter if it is 2D or 3D; there is always something about playing these characters that thrills me. And it is just as thrilling when I get a chance to draw or write about them.”

by Shinragod



About the Artists:

Christopher “Mawnbak” Jones is an American Artist who is just crazy about fighting games. And even more crazy about drawing fighting game characters. He has drawn characters from all sorts of fighting games; from Street Fighter to Mortal Kombat. So it comes as no surprise that him contributing to our Street Fighter Tribute was an honor and gave him another chance to show off his drawing prowess with these super warriors.

He also enjoys drawing so many other characters from other non-fighting games as well. Make no mistake about it; the man loves drawing video games almost as much as he does playing them.

You can view his works on deviantART here

Shinragod from the USA is one of the most contributing members of the Game-Art-HQ Community now since years and actually the author of this gallery since he became one of the admins and editors of GA-HQ in 2016!

Beside contributing illustrations to almost all our art collaborations in the last years, he is also drawing a lot of other fan art as well as own characters. Have a good look at his complete portfolio on dA here!



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