Retsu is one of the ten unplayable characters in the classic Street Fighter and is one of two opponents Ryu faces in Japan.

Before the World Warrior tournament, Retsu was excommunicated from his temple for using martial arts techniques that were forbidden there. His fighting style is based on Shorinji Kempo.

Very little is known about Retsu. What little is known about him is that after losing the first Street Fighting tournament to Ryu, he went into exile and trained harder to perfect his Shorinji Kempo fighting style. It is not certain if he will ever return one day to showcase what he has learned.

Retsu has had some minor history with Ryu; apparently being friends with Ryu’s master Gouken. There is also some official Street Fighter artwork by Capcom showing Retsu beating Dan Habiki. He is also a friend of Dhalsim from India.

Retsu never returned in any subsequent sequels in the series. Although some fan-made versions of the original Street Fighter have made him a playable character and there are also M.U.G.E.N versions of him based on the graphic style of Street Fighter 2 and Capcom vs. SNK. He also appears as a playable card in the SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters Clash game. 

by Adivider

by Kienay

Street Fighter is a game I’ve known since I was a little kid , it’s an awesome game that is  violent but also funny I love how the games and the Street Fighter characters sound and they were easy to draw.

I remember my school note books were always full of Street Fighter doodles and I wish they bring back some of the SF EX characters in future Street Fighter games.

by Adivider


About the Artists:

Adivider or just Adi is a freelance illustrator from Indonesia and joined our community some when in 2016 to join our Boss Tribute quickly with an amazing take of Garuda from Street Fighter EX.

We got all spots covered already when he asked to participate but one of the artists who took Retsu before could not do him in January anymore and Adi drew Retsu on the same day I asked him about the character! 

You can see a lot great stuff on his gallery, including many line-arts beside the full colored/detailed ones!


Kienay is a mysterious artist from Thailand who shares no details about him. I met this guy at a place I avoid now. 

His take on Retsu for our Street Fighter Collaboration is the only work he shares on dA, there must be more of his stuff somewhere else…


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