Eagle is one of the ten unplayable Street Fighter (1987) characters Ryu faces in the first Street fighting tournament. Eagle was hired as a bodyguard for a rich nobleman to enter the first World Warrior tournament and beat Sagat. But he was soon defeated by Ryu, and returned as a bouncer to the bar scene.

Eagle is the exact counterpart of the other British opponent Birdie. While one (Birdie) is punkish and rowdy by nature, the other (Eagle) is more dignified and proper in mannerisms and style. It’s not surprising these two are counterparts as they are both named after golf terms, with Eagle being the best shot over Birdie. In fact Eagle’s favorite sport is golf; which is fitting since his Bojitsu fighting style involves a lot of swinging.

But despite being above Birdie in terms of finesse and stature, Eagle had to wait longer than Birdie to resurface in future Street Fighter games. In fact the first game he appeared playable in was a crossover game with Capcom vs SNK 2. Eagle then returned to the official Street Fighter series in Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max.

by SirBronson

by D2KPrime

I have almost always liked street fighters art style with the in-game art/2d sprites/3d models. I enjoy most of the characters and or appreciate their designs..

I’ve never really been good at most SF games as compared to other fighting games. The way to do the combos never worked for me especially in SFIV. But with SFV I feel like I can unlock some of my fighting game potential. I’ve definitely had the most exciting online play with SFV.

by SirBronson


The first time I played any Street Fighter game was Street Fighter II when it came out for the SNES.  My favorite Street Fighter game is Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, and my favorite crossover-game involving Street Fighter characters is Capcom VS. SNK 2.

by D2KPrime



About the Artists:

SirBronson  is an artist from Latvia. He is extremely talented when it comes to mapping out the contours of the human face and human proportions; giving his style a realistic look while keeping the fantasy element intact.

His Street Fighter (1987) illustration of Eagle is nothing short of a masterpiece and was his first but not last contribution to our Street Fighter Anniversary Art Collaboration. Just look at how well-defined the face is and the contours of the muscles in his arms are drawn. Absolutely fantastic renderings. More of his works can be found at his gallery on DA!

D2KPrime from the United States is another one of the many fine artists who contributed to our Street Fighter Anniversary Project as well as others before. And as you can tell by his gallery, game and anime characters are his specialty. He keeps the style fresh while adding some real life into it through bright and vibrant colors.

The skin tones are smooth and appealing to the eye, especially when it comes to the lovely lady characters he designs. He is truly an artist who understands how to apply lights and darks for an overall appealing picture. You can view some of his eye-catching work here.

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