Lee is one of the ten unplayable characters from the classic Street Fighter. He was one of two opponents Ryu faced and defeated in China; upon the Great Wall no less.

The world has not seen the likes of Lee or his Bajiquan techniques since his defeat in Street Fighter 1. Probably because he’s as basic a Kung Fu fighter with as basic a Kung Fu get up as you can get. Also because Lee’s “Old School” Kung Fu was later replaced by the “New School” Kung Fu of his nephews Yun and Yang in the Street Fighter III series.

Other than a playing card in SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters Clash, Lee never featured as a playable character in any other official Street Fighter game….yet. There is something about Lee that could make his potential comeback totally worth it. Aside from Bajiquan he also became a master of Drunken Fist after the first World Warrior tournament. If this is true, then bring Lee back! It would be great to have a character who uses drunken Kung Fu finally make an appearance in the Street Fighter series.

by KaiserKleylson

by Demonic-Brute

“Street Fighter was always epic ¬†in terms of character design and its such an ancient relic to me because I played it as a little kid and it was one of the first games I played on Nintendo. ūüôā

The gameplay is pretty damn cool with increasing number of special attacks with every new version but I think that its slightly slow-paced than Tekken or Blazblue (which I consider a negative point)

And here’s something you might enjoy as well”

by Demonic-Brute



About the Artists:

KaiserKleylson¬† is a Brazilian male artist who takes a unique and fun approach to drawing fighting game characters. As you can see by his drawing of Lee for our Street Fighter I FGE Tribute; he likes to draw characters in the style of the character art of Marvel vs Capcom 2. And that…is….awesome! Other Capcom classics like RE’s Nemesis and even DBZ’s Broly make his imaginary roster of potential MvC2 dream warriors. Well there’s always M.U.G.E.N.; but even they don’t make concept art this cool!

Check out more of his MvC2 ideas plus other fantastic art here at his DA page.


Demonic-Brute is a part of the Fighting-Games-Elite Community since around a year and participated with Hazama from BlazBlue in our Fighting Game Boss Tribute V2 already before he joined the Street Fighter Art Collaboration as one of the first ones to claim Ken Masters, as well as the 2nd spot for Lee when he submitted his take on Ken already.

You can see more of his works via his gallery on dA!


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