Birdie, a former British Professional Wrestler who once teamed up with Titanic Tim from Saturday Night Slam Masters to form the “”500 Million Trillion Powers” became a Punk who worked as a night club bouncer who did some street fighting and crimes as well to get money. Birdie joined the World Warriors Tournament after getting an official invitation but was apparently “sick” when he lost to a young Japanese martial artist named Ryu.

Birdie became finally a playable character in Street Fighter Alpha (1994) and was eventually joining a World Warrior tournament in a healthy condition.

I am still waiting for a Street Fighter V PC Mod that changes Birdie’s appearance in the game to his classic one seen here by the two brave artists that took the challenge to draw Birdie in his classic character design ūüôā


by Victor Boggiano

by Yassine Anass

“My love for Street Fighter began on arcade and SEGA Mega Drive with Street Fighter II, I remember it was at my cousin’s house and man I was happy !

I started with Dhalsim thinking arm stretching would be a big advantage hahaha ! it was the first time i play a fighting game with more complex moves to achieve than one button, the character designs were pretty simple and can easily become familiar.

The stage music was awesome too, in fact its a game that light up the fighting spirit within you, and for me its related to lot of good childhood memories, and since then i became a huge fan of the franchise !”

by Yassine Anass


About the Artists:

Victor “Vf02ss” Boggiano is one of the few artists from Peru that are a part of this community. His first contribution was also Street Fighter related and for our art contest in July when games that were released in 2016 were the topic. His next one was a contribution for our fighting game boss tribute all about Ancient Ogre posting like a champ with all the Tekken beauties. His first contribution to our Street Fighter Anniversary however showed old-school Birdie, combined with some features of his later designs.

I look forward to his next works, he actually claimed Akuma for the Street Fighter Ii Round already!

You can see his whole portfolio in his gallery on dA here, be warned there is NSFW stuff there as well.


Yassine Anass from Morocco aka Shinbond-Zero is a big Street Fighter fan like the most of us and was one of the artists we invited to this Street Fighter Anniversary Tribute back on the 11th December 2016. To our luck he was interested and quickly claimed Birdie. 

His gallery is covering mostly Street Fighter characters so far and I am pretty sure his Birdie won’t be the last Street Fighter we see from him!



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