Zidane Final Fantasy IX Worlds Apart Art

Virtue – You don’t need a reason to help people.

Zidane Tribal is the main protagonist in Final Fantasy IX that is played for the majority of the game.

He starts as a thief  in the story who worked for the Tantalus Theater Troupe set to kidnap the princess of Alexandria, Garnet. Helping others is just normal for Zidane, he does not need a reason to help.

He helps her and many others through the story and is strong enough to face strong enemies and rivals like the Black Waltz, Giant Monsters and Kuja himself. 

Zidane also enjoys to take a nap and relax when he finds the time, like in the FFIX Worlds Apart Submission Art by Jose “Grieverjoe” Alvarez.

Zidane Tribal Virtue



Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart is the first Music & Art Collaboration between OverClockedRemix and Game-Art-HQ

You can see the Art Gallery here on GA-HQ and Listen & Download the FFIX: Worlds Apart Album on OCR