Quina Quen FFIX Worlds Apart Art

Quina Quen drawn by Eric DeSantis


Indulgence – I do what I want! You have problem!?

Quina Quen is one of the last protagonists that joins Zidane and his friends in Final Fantasy IX.

Quina is a genderless character and represents the Blue Mage in a pretty new form. Quina can eat enemies and gain abilities from some of them, including some of the most powerful spells in the whole game.

Quina loves to eat frogs and catching them is a pretty fun but sometimes also difficult mini-game in FFIX.

Quina Quen Indulgence



Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart is the first Music & Art Collaboration between OverClockedRemix and Game-Art-HQ

You can see the Art Gallery here on GA-HQ and Listen & Download the FFIX: Worlds Apart Album on OCR