Freya Crescent Final Fantasy IX Worlds Apart Portrait Art

Freya Crescent, the Dragon Knight by Lilith the 5th


Despair – To be forgotten is worse than death.

Freya Crescent is one of the protagonists in Final Fantasy IX and an old friend of Zidane.

She represents the Dragon Knight Job Class in the game and joins the team of Zidane and Vivi when her home, Burmecia is attacked by the Black Mages of Queen Brahme. 

Freya is portrayed as a strong intelligent woman but she is  devastated when she meets her old love, who can’t remember her due to amnesia. And still, she won’t give up.

Freya FFIX WA Despair

Freya Crescent Final Fantasy IX Worlds Apart Art Burmecia 

Burmecia by Carlos Valenzuela


Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart is the first Music & Art Collaboration between OverClockedRemix and Game-Art-HQ

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