Tekken 20th Anniversary Tekken Fighters for Game-Art-HQ

Welcome to our art tribute to Tekken, lets start with the 8 orignal fighters from Tekken 1, drawn by Fredrik Mattsson, Tekken fan since its first hour!

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Get Ready For The Next Battle!

The King of The Iron Fist Tournament turned 20 today on the 7th December 2014 and we wanted to celebrate this great series of fighting games around the Mishima Zaibatsu and Corporation, about the Devil Gene and ancient God of Wars.

This Tekken Art Tribute gives you an overview for over 20 of the many Tekken characters and features also a number of special illustrations, dedicated to the whole series its background story specific character evolutions like the artwork about Yoshimitsu and his many different designs he got since 1994.

Thanks a lot @ Katsuhiro Harada and everyone else at Namco for creating one of the best, fun and competitive fighting game series since many years!

To see the bigger versions of all artworks, simply click on them!


Harada and the Mishima Clan Tekken Anniversary Tribute on Game-Art-HQ

Harada and the Mishima Clan!

One of the most badass game producers today got probably one of the most badass fan arts ever with a game producers illustrated in it.

Katsuhiro Harada likes Tequila, Sunglasses and to pose like a badass with fans, he is also responsible for a ton elements and characters in the Tekken games now since almost 20 years and wears a Heihachi Mishima gi sometimes.

Thanks a lot Harada San, you did and do a great job with the Tekken series.

This badass artwork was done by Romeo J. Gonzales who claimed to draw this idea by myself for our Tekken Anniversary Art Tribute!


#FunFact: Katsuhiro Harada was the voice of Marshall Law in Tekken 1 and 2. His work as Director of the Games started with Tekken 3.



Heihachi Mishima Tekken Anniversary Tribute on Game-Art-HQ

Heihachi Mishima

by Alexis Kurosawa

Heihachi Mishima and his son Kazuya were central parts of the Tekken story since the first games already.

Heihachi, who threw his own son from a cliff when he was only a small boy organized the Iron Fist Tournament and was confronted with Kazuya back in 1994 who was more or less the main protagonist in the first Tekken game.

The Playstation version of Tekken gave a small glimpse of things to come with the unlockable “Devil” costume for Kazuya already.

Both Heihachi and Kazuya became Bosses or at least Mid-Boss characters multiple times during the series and seem both to be almost invincible to normal attacks and even explosions.

Heihachi Mishima is dead…..?

Not as long as there is the King of the Iron Fist Tournament!

Kazuya Mishima Tekken Anniversary on Game-Art-HQ

Kazuya Mishima

by BFG8800GTX


Yoshimitsu Tekken Evolution Game Art HQ Tekken 20th Anniversary

The Evolution of Yoshimitsu in 20 Years of Tekken – From Tekken (1994) to Tekken Tag Tournament 2,

drawn by Romeo J. Gonzales A.k.a Grapiqad

Yoshimitsu is one of the handful Tekken characters which were in all the Tekken games, but unique to Yoshimitsu is that he got completely new looks with every new game, including color variations for the updates like Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection and unlockable third costumes even sometimes.

His Tekken 3 standard design might be his most popular one till today but each of his looks has something very original to it and made him a very unique and bizarre character in every Tekken.

Big Kudos to Romeo J. Gonzales for illustrating the Evolution of Yoshimitsu, this image was actually an idea when my girlfriend who is a big fan of the Tekken games and myself thought about possible illustrations for the Tekken Anniversary Art Collaboration on Game-Art-HQ back in January 2014.


Yoshimitsu Tekken Anniversary Game Art HQ


by GamePunisher

Yoshimitsu and Marshall Law are part of the Tekken series since the first game as well and represented almost completely opposite fighting techniques from the start.

Yoshimitsu uses very unconventional and unpredictable attacks including even teleports while Marshall Law basically looks and fights like Bruce Lee and fights in the Jeet Kune Do style.

Marshall Law also has one of the funniest ending movies ever there in Tekken 5.

Marshall Law Tekken Anniversary Game Art HQ

Marshall Law

by Karn Kirk Ratanasin

 Tekken 2 Tekken Anniversary Tribute Characters Game Art HQ

All the characters from Tekken 2 which was first released in 1995 already and later made it to the Playstation. Heihachi, King, Jack, Wang, Nina and Anna and almost all the others were created using the character editor from SoulCalibur V for this artwork actually, while the artist Hyde209 added effects and changes to the character models in the process. Only the animals like Kuma, Roger and of course Alex the Raptor were not possible through SCV 🙂

Beside the Tekken 2 characters, Hyde did also re-create all the Tekken 1 characters and even more, have a good look at his portfolio on dA!


Miharu Tekken Anniversary on Game-Art-HQ

Miharu Hirano

by EchoPanda

Ling Xiaoyu the cute Kung Fu using young girl debuted in Tekken 3 and became one of the most popular characters of the series.

Tekken 3 was also the game where multiple characters would have different stances, with Lei Wulong having the most of those but Xiaoyu had two quite interesting and relative easy to learn ones with her Art of Phoenix and the Rain Dance stances.


Miharu Hirano debuted in Tekken 4 and was more like an alternate form or costume of Xiaoyu than a unique fighter and had the completely same moves. This changed for the first time when Miahru joined as one of the last unlocked characters in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and got a few unique moves and a very fun item move.

Ling Xiaoyu Tekken Anniversary Art Tribute on Game-Art-HQ

Ling Xiaoyu

by July Villela



Asuka and Lili 20 Years of Tekken Anniversary Tribute on Game-Art-HQ

Asuka and Lili: The Bento Accident 🙂

“Some of you may remember Asuka Kazama’s or Lilii’s ending from Tekken 6!

The one where Lili’s limousine almost rammed Asuka or so. in the video Asuka’s bento fell on the ground which made her really mad. so this time around Asuka’s bento fell on Lili’s head (am not going to explain why or how it ended up there I will leave that to your imagination)

This is just some random accident, as you can see Asuka is pretty surprised herself, she’s got nothing to do with this but I don’t think Lili is gonna except any form of excuses or apologies”

Art and description by Zipskyblue


Ancient Ogre Tekken Anniversary on Game-Art-HQ

Ancient Ogre

by Hominid-9

Tekken 3 played around 15 years after the big clash of Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima in Tekken 2 and introduced many new characters and also a story about an ancient “God of War” which interests Heihachi since he believes he could use his blood to become stronger than ever.

This creature is Ogre, also called Ancient Ogre later and is able to transform itself into a different form called True Ogre.

He was defeated by Jin Kazama whose Devil Genes awakened during the final events of Tekken 3.

True Ogre Tekken Anniversary Tribute on Game-Art-HQ

True Ogre

by Rittie145



Paul Phoenix defeated Ogre Tekken 3 Tekken Anniversary Art Tribute on Game-Art-HQ

Paul Phoenix defeated Ogre in Tekken 3..but…

Back in January when we thought about possible backgrounds of the illustrations for the 20 Years of Tekken Art Collaboration, I remembered this fun detail from the Tekken 3 lore.


Paul Phoenix, the “Hot Blooded Martial Artist” from the USA who fears nobody and nothing managed to defeat Ogre in Tekken and left the ancient Temple, thinking he is the King of the Iron Fist and will receive the big prize.

Unknown to Paul was that the God of War transformed himself into True Ogre, a monster with horns, snakes at his arms and the ability to breath fire.

Jin Kazama eventually defeated this dangerous enemy.

The moment and the happy Paul were drawn by Darkchapel666


Bob Richards Tekken Anniversary Tribute on Game-Art-HQ

Bob Richards

by Jigenxlupin

While there are many serious characters in the Tekken games, they also introduced fun ones in almost every game.

This started with Kuma, the unlockable Bear in the first Tekken and Roger the Kangaroo in Tekken 2.

Tekken 3 had Gon in the Playstation version which kinda replaced Alex the Raptor but it also added Panda, the Pet Bear of Ling Xiaoyu and well..a love interest of Kuma it seems.

Tekken 6 introduced Bob Richards, a badass martial artists who tries to find the optimal combination of Speed..Strenght and Weight?

Panda Tekken Anniversary Art Tribute on Game-Art-HQ


by Ryoga-rg


Tekken Anniversary Harada vs Ono TekkenXSF on Game-Art-HQ

 Nina Williams vs. Yoshinori Ono…

You know back in 2011-2012 when Katsuhiro Harada, Producer of the Tekken Series and Yoshinori Ono..well..Producer of the Street Fighter IV games for some reason worked together to promote Street Fighter X Tekken and had some fun. Yoshinori did his trollin’ as usual.

Nina Williams, assassine and very experienced in multiple fighting styles was now sent to hunt down Yoshinori who was making photos with his lil’ Blanka action figure and to do her thing…

While this description might sound serious and I really don’t like Ono, the idea for the image was meant to be a joke.


Thanks a lot @ Ed Moffatt who liked the idea and picked it up for the Tekken Tribute


Bruce Irvin Tekken Anniversary Tribute on Game-Art-HQ

Bruce Irvin

by Sonicnoob

While the majority of the mid-bosses in the older Tekken games were considered as “clones” of the regular cast, they also had a few pretty unique characters which did not borrow any moves from the others.

Bruce Irvin was the first of those and introduced in Tekken 2 as one of the first Muay Thai using fighting game characters.

He did not return in Tekken 3, but the game had another Kickboxer with Bryan Fury who became one of the most badass fighting game characters in general.

His evil sadistic laugh during some of his moves and winposes has cult status now.

Bryan Fury Tekken Anniversary on Game-Art-HQ

Bryan Fury

by Scribbletati


Jin and Xiaoyu Tekken Tag Tournament School Stage Tekken Anniversary on Game-Art-HQ

The Mishima Highschool

There were a lot of epic and very popular places shown in backgrounds of the  Tekken games, the Akropolis in the first and second Tekken as example.

The only stage that was featured in three Tekken games so far and every time with graphical updates is the Mishima School Stage though, which was first seen in Tekken 3 if Jin Kazama or Ling Xiaoyu were an opponent and dressed in their school uniforms.

The stage returned in Tekken Tag Tournament as well as in TTT2



Hwoarang Tekken Anniversary on Game-Art-HQ


by Steve Miller

Taekwondo is a very cool looking martial arts style with a lot of kick techniques which allow a lot of character possibilities from a traditional looking martial artists up to something like Juri Han in Street Fighter.


Baek Doo San debuted as one of the very few unlockable characters in Tekken 2 which were completely unique and represented the traditional Taekwondo artists pretty well.

He was replaced by Hwoarang in Tekken 3 who used only a couple of Baek’s moves and represented a different style of Taekwondo.


Baek Doo San Tekken Anniversary Art Tribute

Baek Doo San

by SuitandArmour


There is Devil Kazuya..Devil Jin and wow..there is even Devil Ganryu in one of the funniest Tekken 6 ending movies..so we thought..lets have a new and badass Devil Gene character

…Devil Anna Williams!

Back in January-March 2014 when we came up with ideas for the Tekken Tribute we had around 10 available and artists chose the most of those but Andy Sudo came up with

this concept about Anna Williams being transformed to the powerful Devil Gene form with Nina in shock seeing that her sister even defeated Devil Jin and is super strong now.

Liked this idea a lot and Andre delivered a truly badass imagination of Devil Anna!


Ninna Williams Tekken Anniversary on Game-Art-HQ

Nina Williams

by Cande Best

Nina and Anna Williams are a pretty fun part of the Tekken series since the first part  and while they are also both a part of the big background stories involving Kazuya, Jin and the Tekken Zaibatsu they are more often fighting each other and use even handguns, bombs and bazooka’s…but were never able to kill each other.


While Anna started as a clone of Nina, she became an almost completely unique character with the time.

Anna Williams Tekken Anniversary Tribute on Game-Art-HQ

Anna Williams

by Steve Miller


Tekken 3 Playstation Anniversary Gon Tekken Ball on Game-Art-HQ

Tekken Ball and Gon by Fenrir the 2nd

“Tekken 3 has been my first arcade game, I loved that game, I used to play it all time at my cousins’ place and when I got a PSX I saved some money to buy the game, and I’ve played Tekken with its saga since then.
The PSX gifted me with wonderful days, with its low-res games that made me fall in love with their worlds.”



Christie Monteiro Tekken Anniversary on Game-Art-HQ

Christie Monteiro

by Tim Vithor

Capoeira is one of the martial art styles out there which are not only dangerous for both the opponent and the martial artist himself, but also damn awesome looking since its also a dance form and was once developed to surprise the opponent. Eddy Gordo introduced this martial art in Tekken 3 but was kinda replaced by Christie Monteiro while they are both unlocked from the start in the last Tekken games.


P-Jack or Prototype-Jack debuted in the original Tekken and was almost identical to Jack..except his visual design which was simply weird in the original Tekken but became pretty cool in the sequel. P-Jack returned after a very long time in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and got some really cool new moves.

His and Jack’s Cossack kicks are some of the funniest moves in the series.

P-Jack Tekken Anniversary Tribute on Game-Art-HQ


by Lara Couzens


Asuka Kazama Tekken 5 Ending Tekken 20th Anniversary on game-Art-HQ

Almost last but not least, lets remember one of the funniest endings in Tekken ever.

Have fun with Asuka Kazama’s ending from Tekken 5!


The image was drawn by Christian Espino Morilla


 Alisa Tekken 20th Anniversary on Game-Art-HQ

Alisa Bosconovitch by AzureBladeXII

Alisa Bosconovitch was introduced as one of the two new characters in Tekken 6: Blood Rebellion and kinda a love or hate character…just like Lars.

Her moveset is not based on a real martial art and can be very unorthodox with the chainsaws and even rockets..however, its pure fun to play as her!




Small disclaimer:

Before anyone asks why a lot characters were not drawn for this art collaboration.

We are a small community, and nobody of us is getting paid for what we do here, all characters were drawn because of the personal preferences by the artists and because we love the games.

Nothing is perfect, except winning a flawless round in Tekken or another fighting game and please be happy about those artworks we could create for our Tekken Tribute.

Thanks a lot for understanding this.