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Doom, the innovative First Person Shooter was released on the 10th December 1993, 20 years ago.

We, the Game-Art-HQ Community  used this 20th Anniversary of the once very popular game to tribute the demonic enemies we had to encounter in all three Doom games.

From the Zombie Marines to the giant Cyber Demon and the Spider Mastermind, all the creatures of these games were drawn and illustrated by a dedicated little group of fans of Doom


Arch Vile Doom Art Tribute

The Arch Vile

Baron of Hell Doom Art Tribute

The Baron of Hell

Cacodemon Doom Art Tribute

The Cacodemon

Mancubus Doom Art Tribute

The Mancubus

Luna Ridgeway the winner of our last Art Contest back in October drew this phenomenal series of Doom and Doom II Enemies for our tribute to the 20th Anniversary of the Doom Series.

“Doom was an amazing game to experience when it came out, and it’s one of those timeless games that still fun to revisit today. I think it’s the only game I’ve purchased several times for several different systems, and every time I bought another version, I played the hell out of it (literally).

Playing it today is pretty much an entertaining romp in the land of nostalgia, but the first time I had to brave those hellish corridors littered with nightmare-inducing creatures I was definitely intimidated. Being stalked by a cyber demon in the claustrophobic hallways of Doom made you cringe as every near-miss rocket exploded against the walls, but when you finally manage to unload enough bullets to bring him down, you’re left with a really exhilarating feeling of victory… Well until you turn the corner, and run into another one who instantly paints the wall with your insides.”


Imp Doom Art Tribute

The Imp

Cyberdemon Doom Tribute

The Cyberdemon 

Pinky Doom Art Tribute


Revenant Doom Art Tribute

The Revenant

Spider Mastermind Doom Art Tribute

The Spider Mastermind

Zombie Soldiers Doom Art Tribute

Zombie Soldiers


Doom Guy We Are Doomed Tribute

The Doom Guy by Sean Nicholes

DOOM was one of my favorite games ever. I still remember waiting for all five floppy disks to install…The satanic imagery and creepy feeling of being alone on Phobos was really captured well by Carmack and company. I still play these games regularly as I own the DOOM 3 BFG edition. (play it and see how Dead space is just DOOM 3 plus Event Horizon)

The Cyberdemon always freaked me out the worst as a kid. He was huge, imposing, and a great character design, mixing demonic and cybernetic themes so well. Personally I had more trouble with him than spider-mastermind.

DOOM II became almost obsession level with me, editing levels and making WAD files and using custom voice mods: my favorite was Pulp Fiction; I almost called the image “it’s a chopper, baby!” but I think im the only one who would get it.

 Doom 2 Fan Art Tribute

A Tribute to Doom 2 – Final Doom by Riccardo Zoppello

I think Doom is one of the first game I ever played, it’s the first I bought, that for sure (It was still on floppy disks)! So this mean that I was a little pure child a that time and that game compleatly freak me out! I was terrified but fascinated at the same time. It’s probably one of that wich I probably owe my passion for SciFi.


Vagary Doom 3 Boss Doom Tribute

ATribute to Vagary, the first Boss in Doom 3by Kalai (Kah-lay) Krishnan

Well, the content of Doom 3 is what got me interested in the first place. Fighting demons in space?! Pure awesomeness.

I was filled with anticipation to see what would pop out at me, as well as dread! I loved the idea. Was terrifyingly fun


Doom Berserk Mode Baron of HellDoom Art Tribute

A Tribute to the Doom-Guy and the Berserk Mode by ValentrisRRock

Quake II by Id software was my first shooter when I just got my own PC, and since as a kid I was fond of cewl graphic, I wasn’t interested in old pseudo-three-dimensional shooters in that time.

But what was really catch my interest was a first E3 anounce of DooM 3 that looked very promising.
And despite many people who appeared to be dissapointed when game was released, for me DooM 3 still one of the best FPS of all time: well-crafted setting, solid story (and it’s pretty rare thing for Id software games), gorgeous stages and monsters designs and dynamic battles made this game one of the brightest, most memorable and high-quality FPS of all time.

I finally dig into first DooM games (and some other Id’s classics like Dangerous Dave) two years after DooM 3, when my videocard was burned, so I had problems playing modern games. And since I already wasn’t obsessed with graphics in those days, I could clearly see, why original Doom was so popular when it was released: pure fun, classy enemies and, of course, chainsaw, that made you forgot useless Wolfenstein’s shiv like it was a bad dream.

There is nothing new I can say about original Doom games legacy, since in those days doomguy could be considered as an PC-gaming mascot: Nintendo had Mario, Sega had Sonic, and PC got space marine with chainsaw, shotgun an serious intentions to clean the Earth from Hell’s demons all by his own hands.


Zombie Commando Doom Fan Art

The Zombie Commando and the Cacodemon by Nathan Anderson

I didn’t get to grow up with Doom, as I was born around the time it came out, but interest in older games and its reputation brought me to play it. I instantly loved all the monster designs and the atmosphere that the game conveyed.

Cacodemon Doomed Art Tribute


The Cacodemon by Will ‘Surftiki’ Egli

I was in grade school, Doom was new and was smoking the charts, i was lucky and my dad go it. I was limited to the time i could play when they where home…now i know for a reason….

The Cacodemon were really freaky, i used the Rocket launcher or BFG on them as i couldnt out run them usally. Now i love that design.

Cacodemon Doom Fan Art

The Imp is one i have a great but horrible memory of; i got home from school and knew my parents would be home well after dark so i had alot of time to play, so i got on and got to playing after a bit i couldnt tell where monsters where and the imp played on that with what seemed like the sound coming from behind when they where hiding in front of you. I was playing it in the dark, not lights on, in the hawaiian jungle, at night….yeah i scared my self great that night…..frickin imp. And the Cacodemons from what seemed like no where.

Long text but man that game was fun.


Doom I Spider MasterMind

The Spider Mastermind by Unreal-Forever


Baron Of Hell Doom

Barons of Hell by


Pinky Doom

Pinky (Doom 3)

by Mortalshinobi




Credits where credits are due:

id Software for creating Doom

All members of the Game-Art-HQ Community who participated in the “We Are Doomed – 1993-2013” Art Collaboration



Please iD Software and ZeniMax, make a new Doom but make it a traditional one ..there are enough heavily scriped CoD like shooters available already.