Not many video game series beside Mario and Zelda were as successful as these role playing games about crystals, job classes, relative linear gameplay and for the most part level grinding and reading through a ton of texts 🙂

Final Fantasy I which was released on the 18th December 1987 on the NES in Japan was a lot different than the Final Fantasy games we know today, there were no big stories and the heroes did not even have their own names.


You pick among the job classes of your four heroes of light and that was it. There were no fancy videoclips or orchestral music, no Chocobos or even a love story between the main protagonists.

This is an art tribute for the first game of the very popular Final Fantasy games, and most likely the only one while others might focus on the newer games. There is no Cloud and no Lightning in this gallery, it is all about nearly forgotten video game history here.

Welcome to a little journey back to 1987!

Final Fantasy I Art Tribute by_daredesignstudio

The FF NES Cover remade by DaredesignStudio

final_fantasy_25th_anniversary by blackorb00

Please click on this artwork to enlarge it and see the many many details Blackorb00 draw for his tribute to Final Fantasy

You see the Warriors of Light and their helpers there as well as Chaos, Garland and the four fiends


Black and White Mages FF Art by Fredrik Mattsson 


The Black and the White Mages fighting a Chimera, this enemy returned in almost all Final Fantasy games.

This artwork was drawn by Fredik Mattsson, please click on it for the fullsized version



Airships appear in almost all Final Fantasy games since the first part, this is the moment when the FFI quest truly begins after the Airship got lifted out of the desert. 


drawn by Bryce Corbett

Final_Fantasy Warriors of Light by_iangoudelock

by Ian Goudelock

The Warriors of Light

final_fantasy_i__warriors_of_light_by_isaiah jordan

The 6 Warriors of Light, drawn by Isaiah Amancio

FF1 Job Classes

In Final Fantasy you can choose among 6 character / job classes at the beginning.

They are the Warrior, Thief, Monk and the White, Black and Red Mages. The following artworks are all about these possible “Warriors of Light”!

Final Fantasy I Warrior-of-Light-by_purplekoga

The Warrior

by PurpleKoga


The Thief

by Gwendybee


The White Mage

by Sikho

Coming Soon!

The Black Mage



The Red Mage

by Emeraltana

Coming Soon!

The Monk


At a certain point in the game, the mighty Bahamut appears and “upgrades” the jobclasses of the Light Warriors to Knight Black / White/ Red Wizard Ninja and Master

Final Fantasy I Ninja Master Knight Wizardsby_overonehundred

drawn by OverOneHundred


The Warriors of Light? Nay not really, but Ed Moffatt hat the Idea to let some recurring enemies of the Final Fantasy series dress up as them for a change, time for the Tonberry, the Cactuar, the Pudding, the Bomber and the Goblin for new roles!

Arylon the Dancer

If you were lost in the game and you forgot where to go next, you could always visit Arylon, the Dancer. She would give you hints and always knows where you have to go

arylon_the_dancer_by_overonehundredby OverOneHundred




The Chaos Side

In Final Fantasy I the final boss is Chaos  the “God of Discord” as he is called later in Final Fantasy Dissidia. After the Warriors of Light got their tribute, now it is time for the antagonists of the game

4_fiends final fantasy by_dourdan

The four Fiends

by Dourdan

Chaos Final Fantasy I by_doctor_g


by Doctor G

Warmech Final Fantasy by Steve Southwell


by Steve Southwell



 A few contributions not about Final Fantasy I but the whole series and later titles

Final Fantasy Bahamut Ifirit and Shiva _by_hybridmink

Ifirit, Bahamut and Shiva,

the 3 popular Summons drawn by Hybridmink.

There might be an art tribute to the Summons /Espers/Eidolons in 2013 or 2014 on GAHQ

Final Fantasy anniversary art by_ephemeralvision

The Warrior of Light and Firion from Final Fantasy II

forward to new battles drawn by Ephemeralvision.

There will be an art tribute about Final Fantasy Protagonists in 2013 on Game Art HQ for sure.





Thanks a ton to the Artists who are also Final Fantasy fans and participated in this art project about such an old game

Thanks @ everyone who created this great start of the Final Fantasy series for us over 25 years ago!