An Art Tribute about celebrating 25 Years of MegaMan the “Blue Bomber” by Fans!

25_years MegaMan The MegaMan game collection, read more about it here


We are a few fans of the MegaMan games and characters, this art gallery might be nothing super special,  but it hopefully shows that we like the games and their characters.

Sometimes our pictures also show what we think about the recent history of the MegaMan franchise.

This Art Tribute is mainly about the very first MegaMan, you see only a very few artworks of later titles or the whole series

To see the images enlarged and additional infos and our thoughts about MegaMan, click on the pictures please


Mega Man Anniversary by_blopa1987

Have fun seeing our Tribute to Mega Man, Roll, the Robot Masters and of course Doctor Willy!

MegaMan Robot Masters 

 These are Cut Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man and Elec Man. The 6 classic Robot Masters from MegaMan I from 1987 on the NES


Megaman Anniversary

25 Years of MegaMan!

Mega Man!






Megaman Roll


All the Robot Masters

The Robot Masters from Mega Man 1


The Robot Masters


Cut Man



Ice Man

Ice Man Robot Master


Guts Man

Guts Man vs Yellow Devil

Mega Man Power Battles!

mega man vs guts man


Roll v Bomb Man



Roll Megaman


Mega Man and Friends





Elec Man

Elec Man Render


Fire Man

Fire Man Robot Master


Dr Wily


megaman_vs dr wiley by_robertoagm

Mega Man vs Dr Wily


MegaMan Cannon Fodder!


crapcom megaman_25th_anniversary_

While this is mainly an art tribute to one of our favourite video game series there is also place for a little statement.

The recent history of the MegaMan franchise was not that bright, from cancellations of promising looking games like Mega Man Universe and of course MegaMan Legends 3, to unwanted “Social Action” games and Mega Man not appearing in Marvel vs Capcom fans are worldwide not happy about how Capcom treats the Blue Bomber.

Not a few would love to see Keiji Inafune getting the copyrights for Mega Man.

Let us hope for a brighter future of the MegaMan series, and well, thanks a lot  for this game series @ Capcom.


Mega Man Rest In Peace