Adelbert Steiner FFIX Worlds Apart

Adelbert Steiner – The Protector of Princess Garnet and Alexandria  by Fenrir-the-2nd


Dilemma – Having sworn fealty, must I spend my life in servitude?

Adelbert Steiner is one of the playable protagonists in Final Fantasy X and the leader of the Pluto Knights in Alexandria Castle.

It is his order and duty to protect Princess Garnet with his life. Adelbert also represents the Knight Class in the game.

While he starts as a character that doubts the motives of Zidane and Garnet he is questioning Queen Brahne while he becomes a friend of Vivi and continues to protect Garnet as a strong part of the players party.

Adelbert Steiner FFIX

Adelbert Steiner and Beatrix Final Fantasy IX Worlds Apart Art

Steiner and Beatrix “Nebelüberfall” by Angelus Tenebrae


Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart is the first Music & Art Collaboration between OverClockedRemix and Game-Art-HQ

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