Vivi Final Fantasy IX Worlds Apart Black Mage Art

Vivi at the Black Mage Cemetery by Arlmuffin


Sorrow – How do you prove that you exist…? Maybe we don’t exist…

Vivi Ornitier, also known as Master Vivi by his friend Adelbert is one of the protagonists in Final Fantasy IX and represents the Black Mages  and their sad fate in the game.

Unlike the majority of the other Black Mages in the first half of the game he has a real personality and does not act like a weapon.

Vivi FFIX Sorrow

 Vivi Final Fantasy IX Worlds Apart

Vivi on one of the aircabs by Serene7th



Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart is the first Music & Art Collaboration between OverClockedRemix and Game-Art-HQ

You can see the Art Gallery here on GA-HQ and Listen & Download the FFIX: Worlds Apart Album on OCR