Groudon used Fissure by MudSaw

MudSaw from the United States participated in art collaborations before and eventually joined our Pokemon Gen I Tribute with Electrode, Tentacruel, and Grimer in our first part of the big Pokemon Project here. He returned in all of our Generation based art collaborations so far including the work in progress Gen IV one as well ūüôā¬†

Have a look at his complete portfolio here!


“The user opens up a fissure in the ground and drops the foe in. The target instantly faints if it hits”

Fissure was introduced in the Generation I Pokemon games already, but the legendary Groudon from Gen. III was the first Pokemon that was drawn using this strong attack.

Its a Ground-Type move that can knockout the opponent instantly, but has only a 30% chance to hit after all.  The chance to knockout the opponent will sink even more if the speed stat of it is bigger than the one of the Fissure user. 


Groudon used Lava Plume by Weaselpa

Weaselpa aka Panagiotis Vlamis is one of the two artists from Greece in our Pokémon tribute and was one of the first artists who joined it when we announced it on the 29th April. His take on Sandslash using the Fury Swipes move was actually the first of the over 300 illustrations that were created for this project. 

Panagiotis is a contributing member of our community since around July 2015 when he contributed a very unusual illustration of a Samurai Shodown character to our GA-HQ Project. Since then, he submitted artworks to many of our art collaborations including Link’s Blacklist and the Nintendo 64 Anniversary Tribute in summer 2016 and returned to our Pokemon Tribute with Donphan in summer 2017. In 2018 he returned again with his takes on Spheal and Groudon for our Generation III Tribute! 

You can see a ton of great video game art among other stuff on his gallery at dA here!

Lava Plume

“The user torches everything around it with an inferno of scarlet flames. This may also leave those hit with a burn”

Lava Plume is a Fire-type Pokemon move first introduced in Generation IV with a power of 80 and a PP of 15. The animation of the move will destroy round rocks during Pokemon battles.

If used in a Pokemon contest it is considered to be a tough move. Groudon can learn Lava Plume at level 20.


“Groudon has appeared in mythology as the creator of the land. It sleeps in magma underground and is said to make volcanoes erupt on awakening”

Groudon is a legendary Ground pokemon and creator of land. It is the mascot of Pokemon Ruby, as well as it’s remake, Pokemon Omega Ruby, as well as being the main legendary the player can capture in the game. As of Generation VI, it can undergo Primal Reversion and become Primal Groudon if it holds the Red Orb. Known as the “Continent Pokemon”, this kaiju-inspired colossus is said to be the embodiment of land itself, evident in it’s design, covered in red, segmented plates of thick skin that act as armor, much like patches of land separated by fissures. It emits a raging heat that makes water evaporate and rainclouds scatter, creating more landmass, which made it the natural rival of Kyogre, the legendary sea Pokemon.

After a titanic battle between the two, it fell into a deep slumber in underground magma, only to be awoken centuries later, although in a weakened form, by the one holding the Red Orb, which can be also used to restore it to it’s original, Ground/Fire Primal form. In generation VI, Groudon gained an exclusive move called Precipice Blades, which is the strongest Ground-type move (barring Fissure which is One-Hot-KO instead of damage dealing) at 120 base power. Groudon is the central figure of Pokemon Ruby and Omega Ruby, with it’s revival being the goal of Team Magma, who wish to expand the land using it’s ability.


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