Wailmer using Strength by Mudsaw

MudSaw from the United States participated in art collaborations before and eventually joined our Pokemon Gen I Tribute with Electrode, Tentacruel, and Grimer in our first part of the big Pokemon Project here. He returned in all of our Generation based art collaborations so far including the work in progress Gen IV one as well ūüôā¬†

Have a look at his complete portfolio here!


‚ÄúThe foe is slugged at maximum power. Can also be used to move boulders.‚ÄĚ

¬†Strength is a common and essential Normal-Type move that has been in every Pokemon game since it’s inception. Although it is a basic move that delivers a very powerful punch; its usage is more notable outside of battle.

Any Pokemon that knows Strength can move boulders out of the way to help the player reach places previously inaccessible. This is very helpful in gathering bonus items, encountering new battles or in some cases progress the game’s story.


Wailmer using Whirpool by Silva58

Silva58 joined our community and the series of Pokemon Projects in 2018 as well and claimed Aron, Wailmer and also Snorunt for her first year on board!

I believe all three looked great and hope she will be on board for our Gen IV Tribute in 2019 as well. Have a look at her whole gallery here!


“Inflicts damage on the target. It may also afflict the targeted enemy with a Constriction status condition, making it incapable of movement. It will inflict double damage on a diving target.”

Whirlpool is as a Water-Type move from the Gen II games and onward. It was introduced as item HM06 but later HM05 in Pokemon HeartGold and Soulsilver.

The move deals both 1/16 damage to the target depending on the target’s HP and also can leave them in Constriction status. This prevents the target from escape or switching out with other Pokemon. This can last two to five turns, and in later iterations, the move can last longer and inflict even more damage.

#320 Wailmer

“Wailmer can store water inside its body to transform itself into a ball for bouncing on the ground. By filling itself up with more water, this Pok√©mon can elevate the height of its bounces.”

Wailmer is a Water-type Pokémon that debuted in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.  It is a common sight out in the beach and ocean areas of Hoenn. They evolve into Wailord at Level 40.

Although it is primarily a water dweller, it has the ability to live out on the land for a short period of time. It’s spherical body allows it to store water like a balloon. It can then bounce with amazing agility out on land. They are quite friendly Pokemon and playful as well as they love to spray ocean water onto people through their nostrils; which are on top of their heads.

In the anime, Wailmer are too common to be considered major characters. Though they do tend up to show up in large groups akin to how they are commonly found in the game. This seems to be also similar behavior to how baleen whales (which Wailmer is based of) travel in pods in the real-life oceans.


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