Spheal used Water Gun by Weaselpa

Weaselpa aka Panagiotis Vlamis is one of the two artists from Greece in our Pokémon tribute and was one of the first artists who joined it when we announced it on the 29th April. His take on Sandslash using the Fury Swipes move was actually the first of the over 300 illustrations that were created for this project. 

Panagiotis is a contributing member of our community since around July 2015 when he contributed a very unusual illustration of a Samurai Shodown character to our GA-HQ Project. Since then, he submitted artworks to many of our art collaborations including Link’s Blacklist and the Nintendo 64 Anniversary Tribute in summer 2016 and returned to our Pokemon Tribute with Donphan in summer 2017. In 2018 he returned again with his takes on Spheal and Groudon for our Generation III Tribute! 

You can see a ton of great video game art among other stuff on his gallery at dA here!


Water Gun

“The target is blasted with a forceful shot of water.”

Water Gun is a water type move that has a base power of 40 and accuracy of 100%.

It is a very popular move and one introduced in the very first Pokemon games, one that most water Pokemon can either learn naturally or by TM so is a very standard move. This was the first ever move to be seen in the Pokemon Adventures manga.

The Water Gun was used by three Pokemon in our Generation II Art Collaboration. Can you name all three of them? 🙂


Spheal used Powder Snow by Aachi-chan

Aachi-chan aka Leslie from the USA can draw and use 3D Model software as well but chose to create her takes on Wigglytuff and Poliwag by making sculptures of them when she joined Game-Art-HQ’s first Pokemon Tribute.

She continued to be a part of our Pokemon Project with Marill in 2017! The evil-me also made her edit the Photos of them so they totally fit into the gallery and have transparent backgrounds like the other submissions. I must admit I felt a bit bad about it since I know from own experiences how annoying the after-touch work can be in Photoshop.


I look forward to seeing her participate again with more sculptures or even something else. Have a good look at her whole gallery here!


Powder Snow

“The user attacks with a chilling gust of powdery snow. This may also freeze the opposing Pokemon”

The Powder Snow is one of the Ice-Type attacks that were introduced with the Gen II Pokemon games and has a 10% chance of inflicting the Freeze status on the target Pokemon. 

Swinub from Gen II was actually the first Pokemon in the Gen II Pokedex that could learn this move, it’s also the first Pokemon that used Powder Snow in one of the illustrations made for our collaboration 🙂



“Spheal always travels by rolling around on its ball-like body. When the season for ice floes arrives, this Pokémon can be seen rolling about on ice and crossing the sea”


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