Donphan used Giga Impact by weaselpa

Weaselpa aka Panagiotis Vlamis is one of the two artists from Greece in our Pokémon tribute and was one of the first artists who joined it when we announced it on the 29th April. His take on Sandslash using the Fury Swipes move was actually the first of the over 300 illustrations that were created for this project. 

Panagiotis is a contributing member of our community since around July 2015 when he contributed a very unusual illustration of a Samurai Shodown character to our GA-HQ Project. Since than, he submitted artworks to many of our art collaborations including Link’s Blacklist and the Nintendo 64 Anniversary Tribute in summer 2016 and returned to our Pokemon Tribute with Donphan in summer 2017.

You can see a ton of great video game art among other stuff on his gallery at dA here!


Giga Impact

“The user charges at the target using every bit of its power. The user can’t move on the next turn.”

Giga Impact is an incredibly powerful Normal-type move with a huge base power of 150. A very very wide range of Pokemon can learn Giga Impact either by levelling up or being taught it through TM.

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Giga Impact could be upgraded to the move ‘Pulverising Pancake’ however this was a move that is only obtainable by Snorlax at the current state, and is a special Z Move for it. Only Donphan learned to use this move in our Tribute so far 🙂



Donphan used Stealth Rock by sir-rudolph

Sir Rudolph, aka Donavon Brutus is one of the artists that joined Game-Art-HQ’s community in 2017 and started to become active members quickly when we introduced the Pokemon Generation II Tribute. He claimed both Donphan and Octillery for this Art Collaboration and also drew Dhalsim from Street Fighter for our Tribute to its 30th Anniversary!


Have a look at his whole gallery here!


Stealth Rock

“The user lays a trap of levitating stones around the foe. The trap hurts foes that switch into battle.”

Stealth Rock is a Rock-type move in which the user traps opposing Pokemon by laying pointed rocks at their feet. When an opponent tries to switch out, the sharp rocks will hurt the Pokemon in question.

If used in a Pokemon contest, this move is seen as ‘cool’ which is actually the only Rock type move with this feat as of the current state of Pokemon games. Stealth Rock is currently used by Elekid and Donphan from Gen II!

#232 Donphan

“It has sharp, hard tusks and a rugged hide. Its Tackle is strong enough to knock down a house.”


Donphan is a Ground type Pokemon that evolves from Phanpy starting at level 25. It is based off an adult elephant and is covered in armour, a similar trait it shares with Tyranitar and both are known as the ‘Armour Pokemon’.

It was originally a Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon Silver only, being able to be caught in the wild on Mt. Silver, Victory Road and Route 28. If you wanted a Donphan in Pokemon Gold, you had to trade one over from Pokemon Silver.

In the Pokemon anime, Ash owned a Phanpy that he hatched from an egg that eventually evolved into a Donphan while fighting Team Rocket. Donphan proved its strength time and time again and proved itself to be a very strong member of Ash’s team, often being brought back from Professor Oak’s lab to help Ash in his many Pokemon battles.


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