Muk used Toxic by Macuarrorro

Omar from Mexico was one of the first 30 artists on board our Pokemon Tribute and we were never sure if he wouldn’t do it one more time. We were Lucky when we got his first submission, Tangela with the Power Whip, and loved his take on Muk with TOXIC …of course. His takes on Dugtrio, Magmar and finally Staryu were all great as well.

This guy loves Pokemon and Britney Spears and I hope he will Gimme More next year.

Check his whole gallery with is full of love for Pokemon here!


“A technique that badly poisons the target. The amount of damage from the poison increases every turn”

Toxic is not directly damage dealing but it is a strong Poison-type move that will drain the energy from the opponent, one of the few cures against it is to use Haze or having the Immunity ability. 

While its accuracy started with a 85% rating in the classic Pokemon games, it was increased to 90 in the Generation V games.



Muk used Sludge Wave by weaselpa

Weaselpa aka Panagiotis Vlamis is one of the two artists from Greece in our Pokémon tribute and was one of the first artists who joined it when we announced it on the 29th April. His take on Sandslash using the Fury Swipes move was actually the first of the over 300 illustrations that were created for this project. 

Panagiotis is a contributing member of our community since around July 2015 when he contributed a very unusual illustration of a Samurai Shodown character to our GA-HQ Project. Since than, he submitted artworks to many of our art collaborations including Link’s Blacklist and the Nintendo 64 Anniversary Tribute in summer 2016. 

You can see a ton of great video game art among other stuff on his gallery at dA here!


“It swamps the area around the user with a giant sludge wave. It may also poison those hit”

Sludge Wave is one of the Poison-Type attacks that debuted in the Pokemon Gen. V games, it deals damage with a Power rating of 95 and a 100% accuracy. Like many Poison type moves, it has a 10% chance of poisoning the opponent. In this case the whole group of the opponents!




“Thickly covered with a filthy, vile sludge. It is so toxic, even its footprints contain poison”

If you have a Grimer at level 38 or above it can evolve into an even more slimy being, the Muk. This Poison-Type Pokemon is a master of status changing attacks and can inflict Poison easily.


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