Machop used Dynamic Punch by Weaselpa

Weaselpa aka Panagiotis Vlamis is one of the two artists from Greece in our Pokémon tribute and was one of the first artists who joined it when we announced it on the 29th April. His take on Sandslash using the Fury Swipes move was actually the first of the over 300 illustrations that were created for this project. 

Panagiotis is a contributing member of our community since around July 2015 when he contributed a very unusual illustration of a Samurai Shodown character to our GA-HQ Project. Since than, he submitted artworks to many of our art collaborations including Link’s Blacklist and the Nintendo 64 Anniversary Tribute in summer 2016. 

You can see a ton of great video game art among other stuff on his gallery at dA here!


“A Fighting-type attack. In-accurate but guaranteed to confuse the opponent if it hits”

The Dynamic Punch is one of the Fighting-Type moves, often used by Pokemon like Machamp, Poliwrath and Golurk. In Japan it is known as the “exploding Punch” and that’s exactly what it does.

It hitting the opponent so hard that it won’t just deal damage, it will also cause Confusion because the enemy will see a circle of stars above its head. Oh and if your Pokemon has the Iron Fist ability, it will hit even harder. 20% harder!



Machop used Karate Chop by Gazizaty

Gazizaty from the United Kingdom read about our Pokemon Gen I Tribute in summer 2016 and quickly claimed the 2nd Machop spot to draw this little underdog that can become one of the most powerful Pokemon with the Karate Chop 🙂


“A Fighting-type attack. Often turns into a critical hit and inflicts double the damage”

Karate Chop is a Fighting-Type move introduced in Generation I. Curiously, it was listed as Normal-Type move at first. It was changed to Fighting-Type in Generation II.

It is a fairly powerful move with a high critical-hit ratio. Many humanoid looking Pokemon adopt this move as their stature and dexterous use of hands makes its possible to do so.




“Loves to build its muscles. It trains in all styles of martial arts to become even stronger”

Machop is a Fighting-Type Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves into Machoke at Level 28 and will evolve into Machamp when traded.

It’s humanoid appearance and stance give it the overall impression that it is very self aware of its surroundings. This is particularly true as it loves to train itself and build up muscle mass very much like humans do! As a result of its constant working out, it can lift anything many times its own body weight. The fact that its body never tires out from constantly improving its muscles also amplifies its incredible endurance. One tough little guy who only grows tougher and larger with its evolutions..


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