Electrode used Explosion by Chari-Artist

Chari-Artist from Canada joined Game-Art-HQ with a great take on Aeralfos from the Legend of Zelda for our Link’s Blacklist in 2015 and participated with three submissions for the Pokémon Tribute with Beedrill being the first one, followed by Omanyte and Electrode.

You can see a lot more awesome video game fan art in the gallery on dA! 


The Explosion is a Normal type move that debuted in the classic Pokemon games already and the most powerful move in the whole Pokemon series till today. The twist is that this move will also cause the user to faint though. 


Electrode used Swift by MudSaw

MudSaw from the United States participated in art collaborations before and eventually joined our Pokemon Gen I Tribute with Electrode using Swift in September., followed by Tentacruel and its Barrier move and finally Grimer used Belch. I look forward to see this artist in more of our projects in the next future!


“Sprays star-shaped rays that never miss.”

 Swift is a Normal-Type move introduced in Generation I, and was TM Move TM39 in Generations I and II. It has moderate power and hits the opponent with 100% accuracy. In Generation I it could even hit opponents in the otherwise invulnerable stages of the Dig and Fly moves. But in Generation II and onward, the move could no longer affect those in Dig and Fly.



“It stores electric energy under very high pressure. It often explodes with little or no provocation”

Evolving from Voltorb at Level 30, Electrode is another Pokemon that disguises itself as a Pokeball. Only the colors are reversed with white on top and red on the bottom.

Like Voltorb, it consumes electricity near power plants. As it consumes so much energy it has a tendency to occasionally cause blackouts. The more energy it consumes the more faster it becomes too. And like Voltorb, if disturbed it will explode. The effects are the same as that of Voltorb; Electrode will perish in the process.

Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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