November 2014

Ongoing and upcoming Art Tributes and Collaborations by Game-Art-HQ


On the 5th October 2014 we announced and just started a new art collaboration which might be the biggest ones ever in the history of fan art collaborations 🙂

The Game-Art-HQ Project is all about getting more and more different games and their characters illustrated by members of our community. This project might be part of this website for the next months and years, more about it in December! We started the project with a Nintendo month.

A lot of Tekken Artwork will be part of in November since we publish the 20 Years of Tekken Art Collaboration on the 7th December.


Playstation 20th Anniversary, over 30 submissions are done over 40 artists are participating, and the art collaboration will be published on game-Art-HQ on the 3rd December 2014, exactly 20 years after the PSX was released in Japan!

The Halloween Art Contest during the 1st September to the 31st October is over, the winners will be determined and announced on Tuesday of course!

Hope you have fun browsing on Game-Art-HQ! Check out this homepage for news and updates Stay tuned!

Sorry for the lack of many updates on the frontpage, now in November I am completely overloaded with work for the Playstation and Tekken Anniversary Tributes on Game-Art-HQ!

Selection of Featured Game Art in November 2014:




Ganon Legend of Zelda Redesigned

Classic Ganon Redesigned


Happy Yoshi Nintendo

Yoshing Around!


Female Link Cosplay

Female Link Cosplay


Quan Chi Warlock MKX

Warlock Quan Chi in MKX


Pagan Min Far Cry 4 Art

Pagan Min from Far Cry 4 Portrait


Corvo Attano drawn in the Guzzardi Style

Corvo Attano Portrait


Mass Effect 4 Concept Art showing exploring a new planet

Mass Effect 4 Concept Art


Nami the Tidecaller Betta Fish Skin Concept Art

Nami and Katarina Skin Concept Art


Riven the Exile Portrait Art LoL

Riven the Exile Portrait Art





New Art Collaborations Galleries made or updated in November 2014:

20 Years of Tekken Game-Art-HQ Logo by SuperEdco

The Tekken Anniversary Art Tribute (Work in Progress till the 7th December)

Street Fighter EX Cover

Street Fighter EX +@


Crash Bandicoot

Kowloon's Gate PSX Cover

Kowloon’s Gate


Tekken 3

Final Fantasy IX PSX Tribute

Final Fantasy IX


Resident Evil 2 Cover PSX

Resident Evil 2



Abe’s Oddysee


Chocobo Racing PSX Cover

Chocobo Racing


Jin and Xiaoyu Tekken Tag Tournament School Stage Tekken Anniversary on Game-Art-HQ

The Mishima School


Tekken Anniversary Devil Anna on Game-Art-HQ

Devil Anna Williams


Harada and the Mishima Clan Tekken Anniversary Tribute on Game-Art-HQ

Harada and the Mishima Clan


Yoshimitsu the Evolution in Tekken Game Art HQ Tekken Anniversary Tribute thumb

The Evolution of Yoshimitsu


Asuka and Lili 20 Years of Tekken Anniversary Tribute on Game-Art-HQ Thumb

Asuka and Lili: Bento Accident


Tekken Anniversary Harada vs Ono TekkenXSF on Game-Art-HQ

Nina Williams vs. Yoshinori Ono


Paul Phoenix defeated Ogre Tekken 3 Tekken Anniversary Art Tribute on Game-Art-HQ

Paul defeated Ogre?