Yoshimitsu the Evolution in Tekken Game Art HQ Tekken Anniversary Tribute

The Evolution of Yoshimitsu in 20 Years of Tekken – From Tekken (1994) to Tekken Tag Tournament 2,

drawn by Romeo J. Gonzales A.k.a Grapiqad

Yoshimitsu is one of the handful Tekken characters which were in all the Tekken games, but unique to Yoshimitsu is that he got completely new looks with every new game, including color variations for the updates like Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection and unlockable third costumes even sometimes.

His Tekken 3 standard design might be his most popular one till today but each of his looks has something very original to it and made him a very unique and bizarre character in every Tekken.

Big Kudos to Romeo J. Gonzales for illustrating the Evolution of Yoshimitsu, this image was actually an idea when my GF who is a big fan of the Tekken games and myself thought about possible illustrations for the Tekken Anniversary Art Collaboration on Game-Art-HQ back in January 2014.


Whats your favourite design of Yoshimitsu?


Yoshimitsu-Tekken-1 Yoshimitsu-Tekken-2 Yoshimitsu Tekken 3 thumb Yoshimitsu Tekken 5 Thumb Yoshimitsu TTT2

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