Back in January when we thought about possible backgrounds of the illustrations for the 20 Years of Tekken Art Collaboration, I remembered this fun detail from the Tekken 3 lore.


Paul Phoenix, the “Hot Blooded Martial Artist” from the USA who fears nobody and nothing managed to defeat Ogre in Tekken and left the ancient Temple, thinking he is the King of the Iron Fist and will receive the big prize.

Unknown to Paul was that the God of War transformed himself into True Ogre, a monster with horns, snakes at his arms and the ability to breath fire.

Jin Kazama eventually defeated this dangerous enemy.

The situation and the happy Paul were drawn by Darkchapel666 from the Philippines for our Tekken Tribute.

Paul Phoenix defeated Ogre Tekken 3 Tekken Anniversary Art Tribute on Game-Art-HQ

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