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You know back in 2011-2012 when Katsuhiro Harada, Producer of the Tekken Series and Yoshinori Ono..well..Producer of the Street Fighter IV games for some reason worked together to promote Street Fighter X Tekken and had some fun. Yoshinori did his trollin’ as usual.

Nina Williams, assassine and very experienced in multiple fighting styles was now sent to hunt down Yoshinori who was making photos with his lil’ Blanka action figure and to do her thing…

While this description might sound serious and I really don’t like Ono, the idea for the image was meant to be a joke.


Thanks a lot @ Ed Moffatt who liked the idea and picked it up for the Tekken Tribute.

He wrote:

I can’t imagine why Nina Williams would want to assassinate  Yoshinori Ono – I mean, *everyone* thought Street Fighter X Tekken was great, right?!  I mean, there was the gem-equipment system, and the insanely expensive DLC…  Hmm, yeah, I kinda see her point of view actually ;)


Harada vs Yoshinori Ono


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