Ganon Legend of Zelda Redesigned

It has been a half year now since our latest round of the Link’s Blacklist, our big and still growing art collaboration about the many Monsters and Bosses in the Legend of Zelda series.

Chris Zesiul was one of the first artists which were on board this project, and while his illustration of Ganon back in 2012 was not directly made for the project, he participated in the following rounds with dedicated artworks made for Link’s Blacklist!

His featured art from 2012 was a slightly redesigned classic Ganon in his Boar like look, now, to celebrate Hyrule Warriors he did the same again and redesigned Ganon for a second time!

He wrote:

“Today is the day a new Zelda game, Hyrule Warriors, arrives on Wii U. To commemorate the launch I have decided to re-depict the evil Demon Lord Ganon! I hadn’t rendered in so long I just needed an excuse to. It was an absolute joy, but now I must get back to client work!”


Thing is, this looks almost completely like it would be a very detailed 3D model, but its all drawn. WOW!