poliwag-used-bubble-by-magnastorm poliwag-used-bubble-by-aachi-chan

Poliwag used Bubble by MagnaStorm and by aachi-chan

Poliwag using the Bubble move was the 2nd time in our Gen I Pokemon Tribute when both artists claimed the same move but used completely different methods to create the artworks!

Elise / Magnastorm from Canada is one of the artists that were invited by us to join the Pokémon Project and she totally liked the idea. In the end she did cover four of the 151 Gen I Pokémon with her take on Pidgey being her first submission to the project, followed later by Slowpoke, Poliwag and Scyther.

I am sure she will join us again when we continue with Gen II next year! Have a look at her gallery on dA here, she shows a lot more video game fan art among other works!


Aachi-chan aka Leslie from the USA can draw and use 3D Model software as well but chose to create her takes on Wigglytuff and Poliwag by making sculptures of them. The evil-me also made her to edit the Photos of them so they totally fit into the gallery and have transparent backgrounds like the other submissions. I must admit I felt a bid bad about it since I know from own experiences how annoying the after-touch work can be in Photoshop.

I look forward to see her participate again with more sculptures or even something else when we continue our Pokemon Tribute in 2017!



“An attack using bubbles. May lower the foe’s Speed. “

Bubble is a Water-Type move that is usually one of the more common moves obtained by Water-Type Pokemon. Most starter Water-Type Pokemon (Such as Squirtle and Mudkip) obtain it after leveling up early on with their trainers.

Though it is usually usurped by later hard-hitting Water-Type moves like Water Gun; it’s high PP and the chance of it reducing the target’s Speed stats sometimes leaves Trainers reluctant to give it up so soon.



The direction of the spiral on the belly differs by area. It is more adept at swimming than walking. “

Poliwag is a Water-Type Pokemon resembling a tadpole during the early stages of its life cycle. It evolves into Poliwhirl at Level 25.

Poliwag is more at home in the water, though unlike real tadpoles it only evolves into its next stage of development after winning battles. The life cycle of Poliwag goes from Poliwhirl and then to Poliwrath when exposed to a Water Stone. Though its ultimate form can have it evolve into a Politoed if traded holding a King’s Rock.


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