Sealeo using Sheer Cold by KelpGull

KelpGull aka Erica joined us in 2016 with one of the submissions for our Legend of Zelda art collaboration.

She participated in projects by other video game communities before and became a very active part of Game-Art-HQ when we introduced our first Pokemon Tribute.

Ivysaur, Zubat, Omastar and Gloom were her four contributions in 2016, in 2017 she continued with the trio of Sneasel, Piloswine and Smeargle!

When we started our Generation III Project, Erica was the first who claimed Cacnea, followed by Grovyle, Volbeat, Sealeo and finally Aggron

I recommend to visit her full gallery which is just filled with goodness from video games and more!

Sheer Cold

“The target is attacked with a blast of absolute-zero cold. The target faints instantly if this attack hits”


Sheer Cold is one of the Ice-Type Moves that were introduced in the Generation III Pokemon games. It is a one-hit Knockout attack that can be very useful to get rid of enemy Pokemon that are below the level of the user, the attack will automatically fail against opponents with a higher level. However, Ice-Type Pokemon are immune to the attack since the Generation III games.


Sealeo using Ice Ball by BlueWolf114

BlueWolf114, aka Jamie is one of the new artists that joined our series of Pokemon Art Collaborations in 2018 for our Generation III Tribute. Sealeo using the Ice Ball was her first contribution, I look forward to see her return in one of our next projects!

Have a look at her gallery here!


Ice Ball

“The user continually rolls into the target over five turns. It becomes stronger each time it hits”

The Ice-Ball is a damage dealing Ice-Type move that was introduced in the Pokemon Generation III games.  This move will cause damage for five rounds, and every time it hits, its damage will be bigger, well imagine getting hit again and again by an Ice-Ball that grows and grows 🙂 

Sealeo was the first Pokemon in our series of Projects that used this move!




“Sealeo live in herds on ice floes. Using its powerful flippers, it shatters ice. It dives into the sea to hunt prey five times a day”

Sealeo is a dual Ice/Water type Pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves from Spheal at level 32 and can further evolve into Walrein at level 44 and can be found deep under the sea. Much like it’s pre-evolution, and in contrast to it’s serious final form, this sea lion pokemon is very playful. It has a habit of poking things it sees for the first time with it’s nose, checking the object’s aroma and texture to determine whether it likes it or not.

Sometimes it can even start balancing the said object on it’s nose, and when feeling extra playful, it may even start balancing some baby Spheals on it’s nose for fun. It is as fond of shattering ice as it’s final form, yet since it’s tusks aren’t as developed, it uses it’s fins instead. And with Walrein as the herd protectors, it is the Sealeo who hunts for food for the herd and can dive underwater to hunt even up to 5 times a day.


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