Azurill using Bubble by PamtreWC

Will from the UK was one of the first artists that joined our Pokemon Gen I tribute back in May 2016 and he came back at every year so far to draw some of the many Pokemon for our art collaborations. He had a very tough year and I wish him that 2019 has a lot of positive surprises for him.

He also draws a ton of original Pokemon / Fakemon. His gallery is absolutely worth to visit!


“An attack using bubbles. May lower the foe’s Speed. “


Bubble is a Water-Type move that is usually one of the more common moves obtained by Water-Type Pokemon. Most starter Water-Type Pokemon (Such as Squirtle and Mudkip) obtain it after leveling up early on with their trainers – in Azurill’s case, level 10 (7 since Generation VI).

Though it is usually usurped by later hard-hitting Water-Type moves like Water Gun; it’s high PP and the chance of it reducing the target’s Speed stats sometimes leaves Trainers reluctant to give it up so soon.

Azurill using Bounce by Aachi-chan

Aachi-chan aka Leslie from the USA can draw and use 3D Model software as well but chose to create her takes on Wigglytuff and Poliwag by making sculptures of them when she joined Game-Art-HQ’s first Pokemon Tribute.

She continued to be a part of our Pokemon Project with Marill in 2017! The evil-me also made her edit the Photos of them so they totally fit into the gallery and have transparent backgrounds like the other submissions. I must admit I felt a bit bad about it since I know from own experiences how annoying the after-touch work can be in Photoshop.


I look forward to seeing her participate again with more sculptures or even something else. Have a good look at her whole gallery here!



“The user bounces up high, then drops on the target on the second turn. This may also leave the target with paralysis”

Introduced in Generation III, Bounce is a flying type move that takes 2 turns to execute – one to jump up into the air, and the other to land damage on its opponent.  It has a power rating of 85 and an accuracy rating of 85%.  If it hits, there is a 30% chance of inflicting paralysis onto the target.

Azurill couldn’t learn the move until Black 2 and White 2, where it can learn it at level 23.  If it evolves into Marill before then, there is the Move Tutor for backup.

#298 Azurill

“Its tail, which is packed with nutrition, is very bouncy like a rubber ball. On sunny days they gather at the edge of water and splash about for fun.”

Azurill is a dual normal / fairy type Pokémon (pure normal before Generation VI) and a baby form for Marill, which is obtained when you breed a female Marill or Azurill with a compatible father (or a male with Ditto) and either of the two parents is holding a Sea Incense.

Azurill’s most defining feature is its large, bouncy tail – bigger than its body and packed full of nutrients needed to grow.  There’s enough spring in it to get it to move faster by bouncing than by on-foot movement, allow it to float on water and even fling itself over large distances.  Supposedly, the distance record for an Azurill flight that way is around 10 meters.  

In the animé, Tracy Sketchitt’s Marill produced an egg with a partner, with said egg ending up in the care of Misty and hatching into an Azurill.  Much like her Togepi before it, Azurill spent all of its time outside its Poké Ball, mostly in Misty’s arms.  It’s very helpful and sociable towards other Pokémon and often cares for any that end up in trouble, and at one point even teamed up with Tracy’s Marill to demolish one of Team Rocket’s mechas!


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