Viridian Forest Pokemon Virtual Worlds Game Art Viridian Forest

Game: Pokemon Red/Blue/GreenLeaf/FireRed

Scenery: Viridian Forest

Made with: Photoshop CS6,

Wacom Intuos 4M

“It’s not a secret that the Pokémon game series is one of my all time favorites, so I wanted to do a small tribute to one of the early “stages” in the first generation of games: Viridian Forest.

I took elements from both the old games and their Gen III remakes: LeafGreen and FireRed and incorporated them into the illustration.

The idea behind the artwork is to provide the point of view of a trainer stepping into the forest for the first time, reading the sign and possibly find new pokémon to capture and befriend.”

Viridian Forest Illustration and description by Alexandra “KasumiCR” , Costa Rica

The Viridian Forest

…is part of the Pokemon games as well as the anime series, Ash the famous Pokemon trainer actually finds his first Pokemon there, a caterpie and he battles Samurai there in a later episode.

The Viridian Forest connects Pewter City and Viridian City and is home of many bug type Pokemon such as Weedle, the Caterpie, Kakuna and Metapod, its possible to find Pidgeotto there as well in Pokemon Yellow.


Viridian Forest Pokemon Screenshot


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