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M.Bison Psycho Crusher Thailand Stage for Game-Art-HQ by Joel Sousa

There are a lot artists who support Game-Art-HQ and our Art Projects, but only a few are so long on board and often participating as Joel Sousa from Portugal, who describes himself as a “Hobbyist” but whenever i see his works i think this guy needs to publish a comic in his art style and wish him that he can change his hobby to his profession sooner or later.

Joel participated in Game-Art-HQ’s third art project back in November 2011 already, the Boss Tribute about bosses from fighting games with M.Bison from Street Fighter II doing his iconic “Psycho Crusher” special move in his background stage in Thailand.

Joel described his first Game-Art-HQ submission with the following:

.”Get lost, you can’t compare with my powers!”-That’s what he’d usually say with a smirk on his face after beating an opponent.
And this picture is all about that.The memory of the instant fear that the leader of the Shadaloo would create on all the gamers whenever he started his Psycho Crusher, crushing old thaylandese warrior statues into nothing more than rocks and astonishing not only the temple monks, but also the tourists, while flying from one side of the stage to another.”



Koloktos from Zelda SS

Link’s Blacklist Round I


Tentalus from Zelda SS

Link’s Blacklist Round I

Blizzeta Zelda Twilight Princess

Blizzeta from Zelda TP

Link’s Blacklist Round II

Moblin by Joel Sousa

Moblins from the first Zelda

Link’s Blacklist Round III

Joel Sousa is one of the handful artists which participated in all rounds of Link’s Blacklist so far. The artworks and the Legend of Zelda enemies and bosses he drew are described in the Link’s Blacklist articles. Just click on the images to visit the articles! Since LB III is still ongoing till mid September you can’t see the Moblins Article yet 🙂


Beside being a big Legend of Zelda fan and participating in Link’s Blacklist, Joel is like myself a fighting game player since years, which made him contributng his time and talent to the fighting game related art projects we did over the time.

He participated with two artworks in the biggest Game-Art-HQ Project so far, the giant Mortal Kombat Art Tribute as well as the Killer Instinct one and drew a fighting scene of Marshall Law and Lei Wulong from Tekken 2 for our ongoing and upcoming big Tekken Tribute!


Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat II


Sonya Blade

Mortal Kombat vs DC

Kim Wu Killer Instinct by Joel Sousa

Kim Wu

Killer Instinct 2

Lei Wulong vs Marshall Law Tekken 2 by Joel Sousa

Lei vs Law

Tekken 2


And thats not even all! I am not sure but with 13 submissions to GA-HQ Art Collaborations , Joel Sousa is the artist with the most submissions so far,and not one of them dissapointed.

Be it his Castlevania 64 illustration for the Castlevania tribute in February 2013, or the just recently published beat’em up project.

The upcoming Virtual Worlds project sees this Sonic Adventure artwork about the “Speed Highway” Stage and our MegaMan 25th Anniversary Art Tribute got one Bomb Man illustration by Joel as well. And lets not forget his contribution to our beat em up project with his TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist!

Beside being a part of the Game-Art-HQ community, he also drew the cover art for video game music remix albums by Shiryu as well as  doing a ton of other stuff related to video game art as well.

Thanks a lot for being part of GA-HQ Joel!

You can visit his complete gallery on deviantART here

Castlevania-Tribute---Castlevania 64

Castlevania 64

Bomb Man for MegaMan Art Tribute

Bomb Man


Sonic Adventure