Persona 4 Junes Virtual Worlds Game Art

Persona 4 is one of my favourite games of all time: there’s something really refreshing about an RPG set in a sleepy little village, where the plot starts off not with a magical crystal of power, or a powerful enchanted sword, but with a good old fashioned murder! As the killings continue, things soon get rather more crazy, when your characters discover their ability to travel into another world via television sets.

Junes is a department store that the party make their base of operations for their investigation into the murders and the TV world. The electronics department is where they first enter the other world, and I wanted to try and capture the idea that the normal world is crumbling away into the TV world in this piece.
I never normally do a piece without human characters in it, so this tribute was a fun chance to try something different.”

The Persona 4 “Junes” Illustration and description was made by Ed Moffat from the UK


Game: Persona 4

Scenery: Junes Department Store

Persona 4 Junes

Persona 4 Junes

Persona 4, released in late 2008 was one of the last big games for the Playstation 2 and spawned multiple ports, updates and even an anime series and artbooks, there is also a sequel in the form of Persona 4: Arena which is a 2D fighting game in the tradition of Guilty Gear or BlazBlue by Arc System Works.



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