Outragious Ruins Super Mario World Virtual Worlds Game Art

“This drawing is my vision of a level in Super Mario World called Outrageous, after many years of abandonment. I drew it that way because drawing ruins is always some kind of challenge. Drawing these kind of Bill Blasters, which you only see in the 2D Mario games, was also a confrontation because you never see those in 3D Mario games and it’s rather strange how they work. Same thing with drawing 2D levels in 3D, simply because 2D and 3D platformers work kind of different.

I chose this level because I’m a die-hard fan of the Mario franchise. Super Mario World is one of the greatest Mario games ever (fun fact: only 16 people worked on this game). But to be honest, I actually never reached the Outrageous level… Guess I have to replay and completely finish Super Mario World sometime!

Super Mario World Stage 98 Outragious
How I made this drawing is another story. In the past, I only worked with soft brushes, so my drawings would have a 3D-ish feeling, but not so much detail in shadowing and such. next school year, I’ll be going to study game development and 3D animations, and one of the teachers at that school said I could send my DeviantArt page to them, so I did. One of them said I should use hard brushes instead of soft brushes. This drawing was the first one where I tried this new style and I liked it! The amount of details is way higher than I expected. I first started with the foreground and I went deeper to the background, although I think it would have been a better idea if a started at the back.

The hardest part at drawing this is probably the background, because in the original level I didn’t really see what it actually was. Blue leaves? Blue bushes? Random blue balls? I did enjoy drawing the Bill Blasters and Warp Pipes, mostly because those things are one of my favourite things in the Mario Universe. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know it either.

It took a while to finish, but I’m happy of how it looks! I hope you enjoy it as well!”

Super Mario World, Outragious Stage Illustration and description by Goomuin, Belgia


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