Xenoblade Chronicles Eryth Sea Game Art

“When I played Xenoblade Chronicles, the main thing that truly captured me was the effort put into the beautiful landscapes. Each time I entered a new area, I was entranced by my surroundings. I wondered at each detail and admired the imagination their creators possessed.


While acrylic paint on a canvas seems a paltry compensation for that feeling, I hope I was able to capture a fragment of the wonder I experienced. I found myself inspired by the artists behind Xenoblade, and I hope you did too.”

Ah, it looks like I got carried away. I know my artstyle doesn’t do the backgrounds justice, but I really love the scenery in this game.”

 The Eryth Sea from Xenoblade Chronicles Illustration and description by Jormel

Xenoblade Chronicles, released in 2010 for the Nintendo Wii


The game is an action adventure / rpg made by the people who previously created the cult classic Xenogears on the original Playstation and later the Xenoblade Trilogy for the PS2.


The Eryth Sea is a big location in the game, you can read more about it in the Xenoblade Wiki


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