Super Mario Bros Cake Virtual Worlds Game Art

To view this artwork of the Super Mario bros Levels 2-1 and 2-2 in full-size, just click on the image!

SMB NES World 2-1

SMB NES World 2-1

SMB NES World 2-2

SMB NES World 2-2



Super Mario Bros. is a game with a lot of stages which just HAD to be illustrated in some form for our Virtual Worlds Art Collaboration, Cakecrumbs from Australia who participated in Link’s Blacklist already, created this crazy accurate cake which displayed the SMB stages 2-1 and 2-2!

Read what she had to say about her artwork:

Game: Super Mario Bros

Released by Nintendo on the NES in 1985

Made with:

A lot of Dedication, Talent and Love!


“I chose to depict Mario Bros. levels via cake as this was the first game I ever played. It’s still a favourite in my household and we’ll all randomly sit around a start playing it again.

The cake aims to be a level-accurate depiction of levels 2.1 and 2.2. I chose those levels as it allowed me the variety to depict three different ‘places’ on tiers that could be joined relative to one another as the appear in the game, rather than just random levels. I picked level 2 as I originally thought I could fit the whole level on the cake, but as I began I realised even these beginning levels were too long so cuts had to be made.

The cake took about 5 days to finish. Everything is hand cut, mostly with a craft knife, and either embossed or painted (with edible ink) to add the details. It’s all fondant, marshmallow fondant or marzipan, save for the coral and the waves, which are piped from royal icing. Many of the details are worked on such a small scale that elements (eyes, teeth, stripes etc) are less than a millimetre long.”

The Super Mario Bros. Cake-Art and the Description of it were submitted to GA-HQ by Cakecrumbs, Australia




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