Super Mario World 2 World 5 Virtual Worlds Game Art

“When i first heard the call for the “Virtual Worlds Project” it instantly came to mind. I would recreate a 3d landscape from the game Super Mario World 2 – Yoshi’s Island.

In this sunset scene we are looking at the sea standing on the end of goonie hills; above in the sky is the sea of clouds stage filled with goonies, and in the far left you can see part of the icy lands were the bumpties live. On the right is Raven’s fort, from where Raphael the raven sends you direcctly to the moon to battle.

It is a 2d platform game, the real challenge was to re-imagine the scene as if it were a real environment without losing the game’s feeling. Adding little details is the key to give life to the scene and turn it into a more realistic dreamscape. Like the dandelions and particles in the grass,the reflections on the feathers of the very goonie and the many flowers on the head of the shy guy.

And if you look closer you’ll see there’s snowing on the icy lands or the detailed face of yoshi in the yoshi coins and the hand-drawn style of the guess sign in the item clouds. Lastly I wanted this to give a retro feeling so I played a little with the lights and saturation and added some blur and noise to some parts.

This game came to stores in 1995 If you’ve played this game you would remember the good times playing it as a kid, and if you haven’t played it I hope this retro-postcard convinces you to play it, you won’t be disapointed.

The SMW2 World 5 Illustration and description was made by Efraimrdz

Game: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

Scenery: Miltiple Elements of the stages of World 5 in the game

Made with: Multiple 3D Programmes, Photoshop and a lot of Dedication


Super Mario World 2

…is the first Super Mario Game in which the player controlled Yoshi instead of Mario.

It featured a unique new pastel color like graphic style on the Super Nintendo and came with an extra chip in the cardridge which made the big enemies and especially bosses possible as well as being responsible for the often animated colorful backgrounds.

 Till today it is one of the most popular Super Mario games, its graphic style is still used for some of the Mario Spinoff Games.

SMW2 Screenshot


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