Sonic Adventure Art by Joel Sousa

I’m a big fan of Sonic games, so with that in mind is only natural that i have lots of favourite levels. Too much compared to my little time to depict them, if you ask me.

So I made a poll to know wich stage should I depict next and Speed Highway won, all this came along at the same time as the Virtual worlds tribute started so it was a no brainer.

Now Sonic Adventure has a great selection of levels but if you ask me my favourite it’s definitly Speed Highway.

Starting with that insane speed on that highway while doing all those crazy loops, running up buildings, dodging the police cars and grabing helicopter rides!

What’s not to love about this world? And the amazing music is the cherry on top of the cake!
“Up and down and all around!”

The Sonic Adventure ” Speed Highway Stage” Illustration and description was made by long time Game Art HQ Contributor Joel Sousa

Game: Sonic Adventure, first released in 1998 for the Sega Dreamcast

Scenery: The Speed Highway Stage


Sonic Adventure one of the around 10 Sega Dreamcast launch games and one of the most sold DC games as well, it impressed both young and old people with its phenomenal graphics not seen before on a home console, super fast gameplay and rocking soundtrack.

The Speed Highway Stage made a comeback in Sonic Generations from 2012 as a 2d gameplay stage while it was full of crazy camera views and a complete 3d stage in  Sonic Adventure

Sonic Adventure was re-released for multiple platforms it is still available in a Remix version which added slightly better graphics and a few gameplay enhancements for XB360, Playstation 3 and Steam.

Sonic Adventure Speed Highway


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