Netherrealm UMK3 Virtual Worlds Game Art

Originally when working on the virtual worlds project I had worked on the netherrealm, but not fully satisfied with the result I struck out at another arena, one I could be more satisfied with and had wanted to draw before hand.

This concept piece of the marshlands had always struck me because of the twisted body with a tree growing out of it that I assumed to be a woman and the sword that was impaled into her that along with the tree kept her upright.

This creepy composition gave me interest as you saw how the netherworld consumed its dead and so I started work on it, giving it a more final look (for me at least) then the game sketch. so I hope you all enjoyed my piece.

It would definitely be something creepy to walk by in the real world.”

Mortal Kombat “Netherrealm” Stage Illustration and description by Mortalshinobi


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