Waiting for Left4Dead3 by_urbanator

Left 4 Dead 3 is a real thing they say on websites like Destructoid according to some leaked Steam lists the game is in development!

As a fan of Zombie games and the Left 4 Dead series in particular i am looking forward to see that game and hope it will be released for Steam, the Playstation 4 and every other important platform!

But back to the image we see here, this is from Left 4 Dead 2 of course and was made with GMod and a lot Photoshop editing by Urbanator, one of those quite few artists who use GMod  for a lot more than to put Ivy Valentine and Cammy White together for some kinky stuff.

His works are real compositions as you can see in the image above and display a real scenery and sometimes even tell a little story with the enhanced in-game graphics. I totally recommend visiting Urbanator’s gallery on dA where he shares over 70 artworks based on very different games ranging from L4D to Mortal Kombat and many more!