Ms Fortune Heads Up Art by Fischhead

Okay, let’s just keep your Head up you two and don’t do anything stupid!

After a lot beautiful drawings, paintings, and cosplay art i wanted to feature something a bit crazy and i only have to browse through Fischhead’s gallery to find exactly that!

This guy created the most scary Chun Li fan art ever and also participated in the Final Fantasy Tribute which is coming soon to Game-Art-HQ. Seems he will also participate in our “Screenshot Art” Contest which is ongoing till November, you find more info about that one in the right sidebar!

About the picture: Ms Fortune from Skullgirls  (the right Head) and Bryce Boltzmann (the left one obviously) from Neverdead are both characters which can …lose their head and even use it for other things than eating..hearing and so on. So why not clashing the two heads against each other? 🙂

Ickybod Clay from Clayfighter by_fischhead

Fischhead won one of our FGE Art Contests earlier this year with his Ickybod Clay submission, soon his Quinna from Final Fantasy IX will be shown here as part of the FF Art Tribute!