Luvdisc used Sweet Kiss by SilverTheCreator

SilverTheCreator was one of the first artists on board our Pokémon Tribute in 2016 that were not a part of the GA-HQ community before. She participated with not less than six submissions Including Bulbasaur and Magikarp in 2016 and continued with Sunflora in our Gen II Tribute and another two with Grumpig and Luvdisc in our Gen III Tribute!

Check out her whole portfolio at her gallery here!




Luvdisc used Water Gun by MechaKraken

Steve Southwell from the USA is a part of the GA-HQ Community since years and created submissions for our Projects mostly by using 3D Programmes before he stuck to the drawn submissions for our Pokemon Project. He is a part of all of our Generation Projects so far including the upcoming Gen IV 🙂 

In his gallery you can see that he also creates crafts and basically uses all kinds of tools to create art!





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