Psyduck used Confusion by SilverTheCreator

SilverTheCreator was one of the first artists on board our Pokémon Tribute that were not a part of the GA-HQ community before, and we look forward to her future contributions, her take on Psyduck was her second (After Magikarp) of six submissions to this project btw. 



“A psychic attack that may cause confusion.“

Confusion is as basic a name for a common RPG status damaging move as it can get. A Psychic-Type move; it not only damages the target but also has a one-in-ten chance of confusing the target also. Introduced in Generation I, it has become a staple Psychic move ever since.


Psyduck used Water Gun by cynthistic

Cynthia Fo from Singapore is one of the few Asian artists that participated in our Pokémon Tribute. She started with Psyduck and later drew a similar cute take on Chansey. I look forward to see more art of that kind by her!



“The foe is struck with a lot of water expelled forcibly from the mouth.“

The Water Gun is a Water-Type attack where the user shoots a large burst of water forward from its mouth. It is often the next step in powerful water based attacks after Bubble.

Though introduced in Generation I as the TM Move TM12; many Water-Type Pokemon learn this move within the earlier stages of their evolution. Because of its power and PP availability, it is a handy attack to full back on when more powerful attacks are depleted.



“While lulling its enemies with its vacant look, this wily Pokémon will use psychokinetic powers“

Looking part duck and part platypus, Psyduck is primarily a Water-Type Pokemon, but is more than capable of using Psychic-Type attacks. It evolves into Golduck starting at Level 33.

Although it appears senile and dim-witted due to its blank stare, Psyduck is actually quite cunning; which can catch its opponents and trainers off guard. It is famously portrayed as one of Misty’s Water-Type Pokemon in the anime, where it is played up as a sort of comic relief occasionally showing off its more impressive powers. Particularly when it starts developing a headache and more powerful psychokinetic energy begins to emerge.




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