Pinsir used Guillotine by Smiley-Fakemon

Back when we started this collaboration, I invited around 15 artists that created Pokemon related art before and Lex Schilperoord from the Netherlands was one of them who answered the call quickly to create his take on Pinsir using the Guillotine move. He has an amazing collection of Pokemon related art including many selv thought out “Fakemon’s” as well.

You can check them out here!


“A single-hit knockout attack. Learned only by Pokémon that have large pincers.”

Guillotine is a nasty Normal-Type move named after a beheading device made famous from the French Revolution. Like a real Guillotine; once it connects it kills the victim instantly. (Or in Pokemon terms; KO’s.) Luckily for the victims; the move only has 5 PP and a 30% chance of actually hitting.


Pinsir used Vice Grip by MechaKraken

Steve Southwell from the USA is a part of the GA-HQ Community since years and created submissions for our Projects mostly by using 3D Programmes before. In his gallery you can see that he also creates crafts and basically uses all kinds of tools to create art!


“Grips with powerful pincers.”

Vice Grip is a Normal-Type damaging move introduced in Generation I. Contrary to its namesake; it only attacks once and does not grab hold onto the player for a certain amount of turns like Bind. However, with moderate damage and a high PP count of 30, it is still a pretty valuable move to have.


“Grips and tears at its enemy with the two pincers on its head. Enemies with hard bodies are gripped and tossed”

Nasty looking and sounding, Pinsir is a Bug-Type Pokemon that does not evolve into or from any other Pokemon. The only form it takes is that of Mega Pinsir when holding Pinsirite.

The fearsome appearance with its giant dual horns and sharp teeth seem to match its Pokedex entry as something of a vicious Pokemon. Tearing and slashing its victims apart alone sounds too graphic for a kid’s game/anime like Pokemon. As you’ve seen in the artist entries for this particular Pokemon; it’s pincer horns are anything but just-for-show. They really look like they can mess you up…and apparently they really can!


Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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