Sunflora used Sunny Day by SilverTheCreator

SilverTheCreator was one of the first artists on board our Pokémon Tribute  in 2016 that were not a part of the GA-HQ community before. She participated with not less than six submissions Including Bulbasaur and Magikarp in 2016 and continued with Sunflora in our Gen II Tribute.

Check out her whole portfolio at her gallery here!


Sunny Day

Makes the weather sunny for five turns. When sunny, Fire-type moves are more powerful.

Sunny Day is a Fire-Type move that debuted in the Gen II games and is not directly damaging the opponents but buff’s up Fire Type Moves while it decreases the Power of Water-Type moves. Its super effective against the right opponents.

The Sunny Day effect lasts for five rounds and can change the outcome of a battle easy if used wisely. 

Sunny Day is currently used by four of the Pokemon in our Tribute!


Sunflora used Grass Whistle by drjhordan

Jordano from Brazil is an active artist since over five years and was one of the first people who joined the GA-HQ Pokémon Tribute when it was announced on the 29th April 2016. He was one of the 9 artists that contributed six Pokémon in 2016 and in 2017 he contributed another four Pokemon artworks for Sunflora, Corsola, Houndour and Miltank.

Beside the Pokémon he draws all kinds of art and developed also a good couple of own characters. I recommend you to have a good look at his Gallery on dA!

Grass Whistle

“The user plays a pleasant melody that lulls the target into a deep sleep.”

Introduced in generation III, Grass Whistle is a Grass-type move that doesn’t damage the target but puts them to sleep. It only has an accuracy of 55% so is often overshadowed by more high-accuracy sleep moves. 

It is the signature move of Roselia and if used in Pokemon contests can be seen as a Smart move. It has a PP of 15.

#192 – Sunflora

“It gets energy from warm sunlight and is known for its habit of moving in pursuit of it.”


Sunflora is a Grass Pokemon, known as the Sun Pokemon and is based off that of a sunflower. It evolves from Sunkern when exposed to a Sun Stone.

There was a Sunflora fesitval held in the anime and it shares it’s title as a Sun Pokemon with that of Espeon and Volcarona. It’s name is a mix of sun and flora, referring to plant life.

A group of Sunflora appeared in the Pokemon anime and were used by a trainer called Ramos who used them to stop a snowstorm created by Vanillish and Vanilluxe. Funnily enough, Meowth’s most popular and frequently used disguise is a Sunflora and has appeared in multiple anime episodes.


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