Ninjask using Baton Pass by MechaKraken

Baton Pass

“The user switches places with a party Pokémon in waiting and passes along any stat changes.”

Baton Pass is a Normal-type non-damaging move that is best implemented when a trainer has a good Pokemon to switch out, transferring all temporary stat changes during the switch.

There is no TM for Baton Pass but a number of Pokemon can learn this move naturally, including Ninjask at level 45 (35 since Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire). It is one of the moves that were introduced in Generation II; Aipom by TamarinFrog introduced it to our big Pokemon Tribute!


Ninjask using Fury Cutter by Dreamgate-Gad

Fury Cutter

“The target is slashed with scythes or claws. Its power increases if it hits in succession.“

Fury Cutter is a physical Bug-type move with an incredible 95% accuracy and a large PP of 20. The power of this move doubles when it is used consecutively after continuous turns making it a very strong move indeed.

It was first introduced in Generation II and is considered to be a cool move if used in a Pokemon contest. Grovlye from Gen III was the first Pokemon in our series of Pokemon Tributes that was illustrated using the Fury Cutter.  Ninjask quickly followed up, being able to learn the move upon evolving at level 20.



#291 Ninjask

“Because it darts about vigorously at high speed, it is very difficult to see. Hearing its distinctive cries for too long induces a headache.”

Ninjask is a dual bug / flying type and the evolved form of Nincada, which evolves into it from level 20 onward.  These Pokémon are uncommon in the wild and are often seen in forests, gathering around tree sap.

Good luck trying to see one up close – they move so quickly it’s hard for any pair of eyes to track it down, almost as if they’re invisible.  Their cry is very distinct though; if a trainer is unable to control them properly, they will disobey and give out a continuous scream that can induce long-lasting headaches.  They are rewarding to use in battle, with their speed being high enough to dodge any attack – but they do test the trainer’s abilities when in use.

During the Battle Frontier arc of the animé, Ash and his friends met Evian, a student at the Pokémon Ninja School who had a Ninjask as a training partner.  Ash’s group enrolled in the school for the day and got involved in a handful of challenging puzzles – including finding the teacher’s Kecleon, which Ninjask used a whirlwind to whip up sand and reveal its location.  Later on, it got captured by Team Rocket, but Ash’s Grovyle freed it along with all the other imprisoned Pokémon.



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