Qwilfish used Destiny Bond by MechaKraken

Steve Southwell from the USA is a part of the GA-HQ Community since years and created submissions for our Projects mostly by using 3D Programmes before he sticked to the drawn submissions for our Pokemon Project. His contributions are Pinsir for Gen I and Pineco & Qwilfish for the Gen II Tribute.

In his gallery you can see that he also creates crafts and basically uses all kinds of tools to create art!


Destiny Bond

“When this move is used, if the user faints, the foe that landed the knockout hit also faints.”

Destiny Bond is a non-damaging Ghost-type move first introduced in Generation II.  While this move is active, the opponent will faint as well if they successfully land a hit that knocks out the user.  Up until Generation V, the attacking Pokemon would faint first before the user.

From Generation V onward, the user would faint first before the attacker.

Qwilfish used Toxic Spikes by Yggdrassal

Yggdrassal from the United States has been an active part of the Game-Art-HQ Community for around three years now and contributed a good couple of video game artworks for games that rarely get attention now.

He participated with a Timesplitters 3 entry as an example and Rocket: Robots on Wheels as part of our Nintendo 64 Tribute this year. He joined the Pokémon Gen I Tribute with Dodrio in the first week of May and drew seven more Gen I creatures. He also holds the record of the most submissions for our Gen II Pokemon tribute with no less than 11 of the 100 Pokemon being illustrated by him!

Gen II

Gen I

I recommend to check out his gallery where you can see a lot more video game fan art including more Pokémon love as well. 

Toxic Spikes

“The user lays a trap of poison spikes at the foe’s feet. They poison foes that switch into battle.”

Toxic Spikes is a move that sets a trap around enemy Pokemon that will Poison them upon switching in.  If multiple layers are used, incoming Pokemon will be badly poisoned.  It does not work against Flying-, Poison-, or Steel-type Pokemon or any Pokemon that are “raised” through certain abilities or traits.

Rapid Spin and Defog can both neutralize Toxic Spikes’ effects. The Venomoth in our Gen I Tribute debuted the Toxic Spikes move here!

#211 – Qwilfish

“The quills covering the entire body have evolved from scales. A Qwilfish can cause its body to swell in order to shoot its needles in all directions.”


Qwilfish is a sea dwelling Pokémon with a spherical body and a flat, paddle-shaped tail. Its eyes are always slanted angrily. Its body is covered in sharp spikes which evolved from scales over time.

Qwilfish drinks almost 3 gallons of water to inflate its body and then uses the water pressure to shoot poisonous quills at its foe. Due to its round body, Qwilfish does not swim well.

In the Pokemon anime, a trainer called Harrison battled against Misty and her Corsola using a Qwilfish. Unfortunately the battle favoured Corsola and despite putting up a good fight, Qwilfish was defeated. The leader of the unofficial Costaline Gym also owned a Qwilfish that battled against Misty’s Goldeen, defeating it.

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