Baltoy using Rapid Spin by PamtreWC

Will from the UK was one of the first artists that joined our Pokemon Gen I tribute back in May 2016 and he came back at every year so far to draw some of the many Pokemon for our art collaborations. He had a very tough year and I wish him that 2019 has a lot of positive surprises for him.

He also draws a ton of original Pokemon / Fakemon. His gallery is absolutely worth to visit!

Rapid Spin

“Spins the body at high speed to strike the foe”

The Rapid Spin was introduced in the Generation II games and is a damage dealing normal type attack but also removes any binding moves as well as the effects of the Leech Seed from its user. 

Baltoy was actually the first user of the Rapid Spin in our series of Pokemon art collaborations!


Baltoy using Explosion by DragonchildX

DragonchildX aka Aurora from Hungary draws a lot of types of different art, ranging from landscapes to human characters, fan art and a lot more. She participated in our Pokemon Generation based Projects and our Nintendo 64 Anniversary Tribute and became also one of our Art Judges in the Game-Art-HQ group on deviantART!

I look forward to seeing more of this talented artist when we start our next art collaborations.

Please have a look at her portfolio here!


“The most powerful attack of all. However, the attacker faints after using this move.

The Explosion is a Normal-type move that debuted in the classic Pokemon games already and the most powerful move in the whole Pokemon series till today. The twist is that this move will also cause the user to faint though.

Forretress is the only of the 100 Generation II Pokemon that was illustrated with the Explosion move while of the Gen III Pokemon are using it in our Tribute. 


#343 Baltoy

“As soon as it spots others of its kind, Baltoy congregates with them and then begins crying noisily in unison. This Pokémon sleeps while cleverly balancing itself on its one foot”



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