Noctowl used Confusion by DragonchildX

DragonchildX aka Aurora from Hungary draws a lot types of different art, ranging from landscapes to human characters, fan art and a lot more. She participated in our Pokemon Gen I Project and our Nintendo 64 Anniversary Tribute and became also one of our Art Judges in the Game-Art-HQ group on deviantART!

I look forward to see more of this talented artist when we start our next art collaborations.

Please have a look at her portfolio here!



“The foe is hit by a weak telekinetic force. It may also leave the foe confused.”

Confusion is a Psychic-Type move that got introduced in the Gen I games already and deals not only damage to the opponents, but has also a 10% chance of confusing the enemy.

It cannot be taught through TM but instead can only be learnt naturally by particular Pokemon or through breeding for an egg move. Noctowl is one of the Pokemon that learns it naturally, being passed on from it’s previous form, HootHoot at level 10.

So far, Butterfree, Psyduck and Noctorl confused their opponents in our Pokemon Tribute


Noctowl used Night Shade by Intemptesta-Nox

Intemptesta-Nox is one of the Asian Artists that joined our Pokemon Generation II Tribute in April, a month that was reserved for new faces.

It was a nice surprise to see him joining our project since he was not an active on GA-HQ before and drew mostly stuff that is not related to Pokemon. Have a look at his whole gallery here!

Night Shade

“The user makes the target see a frightening mirage. It inflicts damage equal to the user’s level.”

Night Shade is a Ghost-type move that works dependent on the opposing Pokemon’s level; the higher their level, the more damage Night Shade causes.

Night Shade was originally the signature move of the Gastly line prior to generation II and will come across as a ‘smart’ move in Pokemon contests. It cannot be taught through TM and can only be learnt by certain Pokemon naturally.

Haunter from Generation was the first Pokemon using Night Shade in our Pokemon Tribute!

#164 – Noctowl

“Its eyes are specially developed to enable it to see clearly even in murky darkness and minimal light.”


Noctowl is a dual-type Normal-Flying Pokemon that resembles an owl, quite large coming in at 5’3 which is the height of some humans! It is the final evolution in the Hoothoot line.

Like regular owls, Noctowl is a nocturnal Pokemon and in the games can only be encountered during the night. Its appearance is based off that of a Horn Owl. 

In the Pokemon anime Ash caught an incredibly rare shiny Noctowl on his way to Goldenrod City and it was the fifth Pokemon he caught on his Johto journey. His Noctowl was incredibly smart and cunning, avoiding capture by outsmarting anyone that tried to catch it. It was quite small for a Noctowl.


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