Growlithe used Flare Blitz by MistySnowDrift

“The user cloaks itself in fire and charges at the foe. The user sustains serious damage, too. “

Flare Blitz is a powerful Fire-Type attack introduced in Generation IV. It is sort of a double-edged sword with equal amounts of benefits and risk.

Among the benefits are the chances of both burning the target and thawing out of Frozen status. But in exchange the user will be damaged by the recoil of the move equal to one third of the damage the target receives.



“A Pokémon with a friendly nature. However, it will bark fiercely at anything invading its territory. “

Furry, friendly and faithful; Growlithe is a Fire-Type canine Pokemon. It will evolve into Arcanine when exposed to a Fire Stone.

Like most real dogs, Growlithe is a domesticated type Pokemon that is very loyal to its trainer/master. Like Pikachus, some are merely kept as pets. Yet despite being loving towards its owner, Growlithe will act ferocious once its territory is invaded or its master is threatened. Its sense of smell is also extraordinary; to which it commits many certain scents to memory.




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