Surskit using Sweet Scent by PamtreWC

Will from the UK was one of the first artists that joined our Pokemon Gen I tribute back in May 2016 and he came back at every year so far to draw some of the many Pokemon for our art collaborations. He had a very tough year and I wish him that 2019 has a lot of positive surprises for him.

He also draws a ton of original Pokemon / Fakemon. His gallery is absolutely worth to visit!

Sweet Scent

“A pleasant aroma that distracts the target, making the opponent easier to hit”

Sweet Scent is a non-damaging move that lowers the evasion of the opponent which can be very useful against many of the faster Pokémon. It is one of the moves that were added in the Gen II Pokemon Gold and Silver games.  It got a bit stronger since the VI Generation games and lowers the Evasion rating for two instead of just one stage.

Surskit can learn the move naturally at level 13 (9 since Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire).

Surskit using Water Sport by c-r-o-f-t

Lara C. from the UK is a part of the Game-Art-HQ Community now since years and participated in the majority of our projects with mostly very unpopular games and game characters, she has no problem with picking Loaded for our Playstation Anniversary as an example when everyone else was claiming games like Final Fantasy VII and Crash Bandicoot 🙂

She drew Oddish, Beedrill, and Squirtle for our Gen I Project in 2016 and continued with Snubull in Gen II and Surskit in Gen III.

That’s Lara C. for you and I am glad we have individuals like her on board! She has an amazing line-up of video game illustrations in her gallery on dA which you can see here

Water Sport

“The user soaks itself with water. The move weakens Fire-type moves while the user is in the battle.”

Water Sport does not deal any damage but it is pretty effective especially against Fire-Type Pokemon or Pokemon that are able to use Fire-based attacks in general. It reduces the amount of the base power of all Fire-type moves by 67%, for five turns. 

It is one of the moves that were added to the big pool of already existing moves in the Generation III games, so it made a lot of sense that Surskit was actually the first Pokemon in our series of art collaborations that was illustrated while using this move.  It can learn it at level 19 (14 since ORAS).

#283 Surskit

“From the tips of its feet, Surskit secretes an oil that enables it to walk on water as if it were skating. This Pokémon feeds on microscopic organisms in ponds and lakes.”

Surskit is one of the dual-type Bug/Water Pokémon and can evolve into Masquerain when it reaches level 22.  Based on the water strider, they can usually be found in ponds or rivers and hide among weeds and other plants – but can also be seen in urban areas following rain in the evening, gathering around puddles.

Known as the Pond Skater Pokémon, it discharges oils which allow it to move along the water’s surface – or “skate”, if you will.  Not only that, but it also secretes a honey-like syrup from its head whenever it senses danger – a sweet treat enjoyed by other Pokémon, loathed by birds, and supposedly people also eat it as a sandwich filling.  Its own diet consists of microscopic organisms floating in the water, which it often lures with a sweet scent from the top of the head. However, Surskit living in the Alola region would have to compete with Dewpider for food as their habitats and diet match.

In one of the more confusing episodes of the Pokémon animé, Surskit’s debut was one that was befriended by a trainer named Max – not May’s brother, but a taller boy that looked similar.  Due to their matching appearance in all but hair color and height, the two of them ended up in fights and arguments, with Surskit serving as a peace keeper to calm them down.  Ultimately, both boys resolved their differences when Team Rocket tried to take Surskit for themselves – and failed spectacularly.





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